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UAE based Fintech start-up NewBridge partners with Meteor Asset Management to provide deposit services to Global Corporates, Family Offices and Institutional Clients

Sid bhandari from 2000
22 Apr 2019
UAE based Fintech start-up, NewBridge Fintech Solutions LLC, has partnered with Meteor Asset Management Limited, a UK based Asset Management Company, to provide a deposit marketplace to Global Corporates, Institutional Clients and Family Offices. NewBridge Fintech Solutions is a DIFC based Fin...

ETHLend Expands to FIAT Lending: Will Initiate Licensing Process

Nolvia Serrano from ETHLend
13 Apr 2018
Crypto-to-crypto lending platform ETHLend starts licensing process to obtain a license on lending activities in over 30 European Economic Area (EEA) countries and in various other countries within. Part of the licensing procedure, ETHLend will broaden its current business model (crypto-to-crypto ...

ETHLend has Developed Major Upgrades for the end of Q1 2018

Nolvia Serrano from ETHLend
07 Mar 2018
ETHLend has developed major upgrades for their decentralized application. For the last 4 weeks ETHLend has deployed the new release of the decentralized peer-to-peer lending application (Alpha 0.2.1) codenamed Omura. Since Omura, ETHLend has been working on the high-level release of Alpha 0.3. ...

Blockchain & uses : iExec and the dapps (decentralized apps)

Emilie Melloni Quemar from Agence Anonymagence Paris
21 Nov 2017
Paris, November 2017 : While the Blockchain holds the technology world spellbound, we are entitled to wonder how this could impact our daily life. iExec is the "first online store" of decentralized applications running through the Blockchain. The startup has been putting up this week partner...