Wisefund offers investment project that could change the vermouth spirit market worldwide

Ingus Linkevics from Wisefund
20 Apr 2020

Tallinn, Estonia, April 13th, 2020 – The Estonian FinTech Wisefund currently offers a unique loan project that carves a new niche in the vermouth spirit market that founders named Nordic-style vermouth. The project wants to establish globally an Estonian-originated vermouth brand, using carefully selected local ingredients in addition to the more common herbs and spices that are used in most vermouth recipes.

Wisefund CEO and founder Ingus Linkevics explains the potential of the project: “With the Rävala Vermouth loan, we have at hand one of our most interesting funding projects to date that will let our investors earn lucrative 17,5 % p.a. interest over a term of up to 18 months. Furthermore, the scope of success of this project could be enormous, due to their precise plan of growing distribution from Estonia via Scandinavia, the UK, Germany, and eventually throughout the world.

The company behind this effort is Rävala Vermouth OÜ which has access to expertise gained by founders with over 25 years of experience in creating, launching and distributing award-winning beverages in major world markets.”

The production of Rävala Nordic Vermouth is currently split between a partner cider-manufacturer, where base wine is being produced, and its own lab, where wine is being infused with herbs and spices before it is shipped back to the partner’s facility for mixing and bottling. The company has plans to set up its own full-cycle vermouth production facility and ageing cellar by June 2021. It started distributing their vermouth to the local hotel/restaurant/café-sector in Estonia prior to the quarantine with interests for the vermouth being expressed from Swiss and UK importers. The current quarantine regime has led to adjustments to their distribution strategy which now also includes the development of sales via internet-based platforms. So it’s safe to say the team is already actively paving its way to success.

Long term success vs. short term uncertainty

“The current virus-situation hits every major crowdfunding platform so we are no exception. Investment volumes took a hit and a short-term uncertainty in the market becomes apparent to us. However, our view is that as an investor, medium- to long-term thinking should always supersede short-term thinking. With that in mind we view the Rävala Vermouth project as a good case for this investment strategy that is supported by a solid business idea,” says Linkevics.

A spokesperson for Rävala Vermouth OÜ said: “We are an early-stage business and we have limited options when it comes to funding so platforms like Wisefund.eu offer opportunity to access funding at a critical stage of the business’ development. Obviously we realise that commercial interest rates require much more careful planning of our company’s cash flow, keeping costs to minimum and making sure that repayments to our backers are made on time. Our plan is to use these funds to grow the business to the next level that would allow us to attract equity funding on much more favourable terms than we could expect now. While the current economic situation is very challenging we believe that people, in the medium to long-term, will not stop enjoying their favourite beer, wine or spirit so our strategy is to use the next 9-12 months building recognition of our brand among target consumers via various B2C channels. We will also be using this time to further develop concept of this Nordic-style vermouth. Our brand’s motto is “FESTINA LENTE” or ‘HASTEN SLOWLY” so we look at this project as a long-term venture that we, at Rävala Vermouth OÜ, invite our backers to join and grow with us.”

Wisefund allows investors to start building a portfolio from as little as €10 and offers returns of over 17% p.a. The platform only provides business loans that entrepreneurs are able to secure quickly and on flexible terms.

Media contact: Diana Ozolina, office@wisefund.eu, +372 560 93 520

For more information, please contact:
Ingus Linkevics

Category: P2P financing
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