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10 Jul 2017

Today, Seedrs announces that it will be the sole equity finance provider in a new partnership with Fidor Bank, the first challenger bank to launch in the UK back in 2015. The Digital marketplace offered by Fidor signposts banking customers to innovative sources of alternative investment including equity crowdfunding on Seedrs in an ambitious bid to provide every financial service a customer could possibly want.

This partnership will offer Fidor’s UK commercial customers a whole suite of investment opportunities through the digital marketplace, including access to alternative investment opportunities via a number of the most respected fintech companies in the UK.

Seedrs, the most active equity investment platform into UK private companies, has been selected by Fidor Bank as the only equity based finance provider due to a history of funding some of the most exciting and ambitious growth focused businesses. Seedrs has already funded over 500 investment rounds for fast-growth SMEs, with more than £220 million invested into campaigns on the platform to date.

Among the companies Seedrs has given investors access to include FreeAgent, which underwent an IPO on AIM in December last year; Tossed, the healthy eating company; Chapel Down, the English wine company quoted on the NEX Exchange; WeSwap a peep to peer currency exchange platform and Landbay, a marketplace lender focused on prime residential mortgages.

Nutmeg, the online wealth manager will also be joining Seedrs on Fidor’s marketplace, and more leading fintech partners will be announced in the coming months as the scheme rolls out and is expected to include a number of debt based peer-to-peer platforms.

Nutmeg builds and manages intelligent portfolios, ISAs and pensions, with no hidden charges. For Nutmeg customers with fully managed portfolios, we regularly review the investments to make sure that their money is still invested in the assets that best fit their personal investment goals and risk profile. Nutmeg invests in exchange-traded funds, which are designed to track the movement of various market indices.

Katharina Rausch, Head of FinanceBay, Fidor’s fintech marketplace: “We are pleased to welcome Seedrs and Nutmeg into our fintech marketplace as our investment providers. Fidor has long welcomed affluent and financially curious customers to our digital bank and based on their investment appetites we have built an exciting suite of investment products made accessible to customers via a handful of carefully curated fintech partners. Our fintech marketplace will be instrumental in offering exciting investment opportunities to many of Fidor’s UK based customers.”

Jeff Lynn, CEO and co-founder of Seedrs, said: “Our new partnership with Fidor Bank provides us a great opportunity to give a tech savvy investor base access to some of the most exciting early stage investment opportunities in Europe. We are huge admirers of Fidor and all that has achieved as one of the original challenger banks, and we look forward to welcoming many of their customers as Seedrs investors.”

Martin Stead, CEO of Nutmeg commented: “The way people save, invest and manage their money is changing. Innovative technology is transforming financial services with a clear focus on improving access and opportunity for new and existing investors. We are passionate about making quality wealth management available to everyone and initiatives like Fidor’s fintech marketplace, make great strides toward this goal.”


Press Contacts Lucy Sharp, PR & Communications Director:

About Seedrs Seedrs allows all types of investors to invest as little or as much as they like in businesses they believe in and share in their success. And it allows ambitious businesses in all sectors to raise capital and build community through an efficient, online process.

Seedrs has funded 500 deals to date and has had over £220 million invested on the platform. All investments made through Seedrs offer voting shares to investors and use professional-grade subscription agreements. This ensures that investors get the same level of protection that angel investors and venture capitalists enjoy.

Seedrs is backed by star fund manager Neil Woodford, Augmentum Capital (which is wholly-backed by RIT Capital, the investment firm run by Lord Rothschild), Faber Ventures and over 1,000 of its own customers. Seedrs is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. It was the first equity crowdfunding platform in the world to gain regulatory approval.

About Fidor Bank: Fidor Bank is Europe’s original digital challenger bank. Founded by CEO Matthias Kroener in 2009, Fidor is the world’s first ‘fintech bank’, pioneering the collaboration between traditional financial services and technology businesses.

Fidor’s banking concept provides an online community for people to provide and receive financial advice, giving users rewards for doing so such as cash, improved current account and savings bond interest rates. All of its banking services can be done online in under 60 seconds.

It also acts as a marketplace for its customers, giving them access to a large selection of financial services, products and offerings through its partnerships.

The company launched its retail banking offer in the UK in September 2015, and plans to expand its services into Europe in the coming months. It has over 350,000 online community members in Germany and the UK, with a customer base of over 100,000.

Fidor Bank has received several international awards for its disruptive, transparent approach to banking, its FinTech activity, and innovative use of social media. Recently, Fidor Bank was awarded "Global Growth Company" by The World Economic Forum and Celent Banking Model for 2015.

Fidor currently operates on an indirect agency banking membership in the UK under a European Passport Banking License.

About Nutmeg Nutmeg is an intelligent online investment management service, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, endorsed by the Department for International Trade and backed by world-renowned shareholders. Nutmeg’s experienced investment team builds and manages professional portfolios tailored to customers’ real-life investment goals and aligned to their appetite for risk. Customers can create as many goals as they like, each with a different risk setting, and they can transfer, top-up or withdraw their money whenever they choose (although investing is for the long term and Nutmeg doesn’t recommend withdrawing within the first three years). Through the award-winning account interface, they can securely log in to see where their money is invested and how it’s performing at any time. Customers can start with as little as £100 for a Lifetime ISA or £500 for an ISA or general investment account (plus £100 per month contributions for portfolios less than £5,000) and pay an annual management fee of just 0.75%-0.25% including VAT, depending on the size of their investment and chosen investment style. Nutmeg makes intelligent investing easy for you. Straightforward, convenient and transparent. That’s how investing should be.

For more information about Nutmeg please contact: 07788 251769

For more information, please contact:
Seedrs Ltd
142 Old Street
EC1V9BW London
United Kingdom

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