UAE based Fintech start-up NewBridge partners with Meteor Asset Management to provide deposit services to Global Corporates, Family Offices and Institutional Clients

Sid bhandari from 2000
22 Apr 2019

UAE based Fintech start-up, NewBridge Fintech Solutions LLC, has partnered with Meteor Asset Management Limited, a UK based Asset Management Company, to provide a deposit marketplace to Global Corporates, Institutional Clients and Family Offices.

NewBridge Fintech Solutions is a DIFC based Fintech company which has created a global marketplace for wholesale deposits (, connecting Banks with corporate and institutional depositors through an online platform.

The Bank’s Treasury uses the platform as a free distribution channel to raise wholesale funding from global depositors. Sid Bhandari, Founder /CEO of NewBridge said ‘We will help Banks reduce their Cost of Funds and diversify their customer base by bringing new clients outside the existing coverage area. Clients such as financial institutions, corporates and family offices will use the platform to discover best rates and facilitate the transaction through one central custodian account with Meteor Asset Management, doing away with the need for onboarding with multiple banks.’

The company said it would look to expand its product to new markets over the next 12 months by hiring a team of business developers. They are also planning to develop a ‘B2B’ version of the platform which will allow Banks /Asset Managers to provide 3rd party saving products to their own customers through a white-labelled solution.

Graham Devile, Managing Director of Meteor Asset Management added “We are pleased to be involved in this exciting project and by adding our experience in this field to that of the Newbridge team, allowing them to build the DepositBook platform as well as providing access to a range of additional services via our core product offering.”

For more information, please contact:
Sid bhandari
DIFC Fintech Hive
507211 Dubai
United Arab Emirates

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