Talkbank, a Moscow-based fintech startup promotes virtual cards to avoid coronavirus spread

Lisa Bebekh from Talkbank
04 Mar 2020

A virtual Talkbank card is comparable to a normal debit card but you don’t get the physical plastic. It is provided to you via a chatbot which means that you don't have to contact anybody. And while the whole world is fighting the coronavirus, such contactless technologies appear to be the safest option for clients.

Living cash free

They say money doesn't smell. But there’s a reason why it is called filthy lucre and it’s taken on a new meaning these days. Those dollar bills in your pocket. Whose wallet were they in before? Who touched them?

What Talkbank offers is called virtual banking. The service works via messengers and doesn't imply any physical contacts - you can order/receive/refill your card in a matter of two clicks. The card is impossible to lose and it can be used at any merchant location that accepts mobile payments.

“We thought of building a bank that is conversational, intelligent, intuitive and available any time anywhere. Talkbank replaces one-on-one teller interaction with a chatbot so you can do all of your banking on the fly" - Mike Popov, CEO and founder of Talkbank says. "And now when it's crucially important to #StayAtHome, it also helps to keep social distancing".

How do I get a virtual card?

It's incredibly easy.

The first thing you have to do is download the Talkbank chatbot which is compatible with five popular messengers (Telegram, Facebook, VK, Viber, WhatsApp) or Alice. The bot will ask you to confirm your identity. The identification procedure will be performed remotely. Once you’ve done it, you get full access to all Talkbank features.

The TalkBank virtual card can be linked to the application for contactless payment, used for online purchases and money transfers to other cards without commission, as well as for cash withdrawal at NFC-ATMs.

About Talkbank

TalkBank is a chatbot service that is intended for the banking industry. There is no need for mobile banking apps, offices, and call-centres. Talkbank applies robots to all operations and communication to clients.

Talkbank allows users to pay, transfer and split bills, as well as collect bonuses and converse with the bot for financial advice. It can tell users their balance and let them know about special deals available for them through their credit cards. It was also the winner of the FinTech startups Forum Finopolis contest in 2016.

For more information, please contact:
Lisa Bebekh

111672 Moscow

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