Tailored Payment Scenarios for Businesses Across High-risk Industries

Alexandra Ghidoarca-Novac from NeoPay
22 Feb 2019

Cyprus, 22 February 2018: NeoPay is a new payments venture aiming at becoming a major FinTech player and setting up a new standard in digital banking. NeoPay’s model assumes that each customer or business is unique and a personalised banking experience is the answer to the one-size-fits-all digital world’s credo. With customised payment scenarios and global coverage, NeoPay offers the support many businesses and individuals from high-risk industries need..

The approach is bold and the services will make a difference for the industry and overall users. NeoPay offers digital IBAN accounts where global wire transfers are available to and from businesses or individuals. Accounts have cards connected to it and payments are made easy. So for more convenience, card issuing is just another smart banking solution that is part of the solution. This gives the client the opportunity to create an ecosystem and send payouts to VIP clients, suppliers, affiliates to name a few.

NeoPay’s visionary founder and CEO, Stavros Psyllos, says “ We asked ourselves, what would companies want to see from their PSP? Is a sharp and slick interface any good to them when the banking network is not there to help them reach their goal? Just a good platform is not enough in our opinion. We researched our network and put together a team with strong banking contacts so that we can create payment channels for our clients to achieve transactions they couldn’t with the majority of the retail platforms out there. We are strong and consistent in servicing corporate companies in medium to high risk. Where some cases are more delicate than others, we have found ways to create these payment channels through our corporate service and banking partners.”

NeoPay is simply a new way of looking at digital banking with a smart business model that innovates, maximises effectiveness, and offers each customer a tailored payment process. Given the scalable solutions, businesses and individuals are guided through the ongoing digital transformation.

For more information, please contact:
Alexandra Ghidoarca-Novac
+357 99 767955


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