Swedish bitcoin brokerage Safello launches its API/Widget solution to help companies monetize their crypto audiences.

Alexander Meads from Safello
20 Sep 2018

Stockholm-based bitcoin brokerage Safello is broadening its product offering with a new solution dedicated to businesses. With its new brokerage-as-a-service model the long-established Bitcoin brokerage is making a concerted effort to support companies who want to offer cryptocurrency buying functionality to their end users in a safe and compliant way. On September 18 the company presents their widget and API for integration into third-party websites and apps. The new solution provides integration partners with an easy way to tap into the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, as well as a hassle-free way to monetize the service of a brokerage, without the extensive difficulties of setting up and running one themselves.

“Over the past five years we have built up expertise in all areas of running a financial technology and cryptocurrency business. New entrants struggle to deal with the complexity of running a brokerage and that’s why we decided to build this product. It supports our vision to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies by building bridges with the traditional economy.” says Frank Schuil, CEO and co-founder of Safello.

Individuals who are looking for a gateway into the world of cryptocurrencies have historically been subject to lengthy processes of onboarding, identifying themselves for KYC (Know Your Customer) and providing payment information. This is something which has been seen as a thorn in the side of cryptocurrency platforms who want to provide the simplest way for users to buy and sell digital currencies. Safello’s new product is tackling that whole process and doing so in a little under 30 seconds, making their offering a standout leader for fast, compliant and user-friendly purchasing.

Using its extensive experience of KYC/AML (Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering) policies, Safello’s latest endeavour highlights the importance cryptocurrency related businesses are now placing on fast and compliant user experiences.

Partner companies of Safello who utilise this new brokerage-as-a-service, are also in a position to make use of an attractive revenue share model. In a Stripe-like dashboard, integration partners can set their own fees up to a capped maximum percentage. With no subscription or monthly costs even smaller businesses now have the ability to leverage the solution in order to generate new revenue streams.

“The cost of running a cryptocurrency brokerage properly is simply too expensive for most websites and app owners. Companies are then left to take on considerable risk, or have to shelf their plans altogether. By offering our service we break this barrier to entry.”, explains Safello’s CEO and founder, Frank Shuil.

Businesses can get started by visiting https://safello.com/business/.

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Alexander Meads

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