Southeast Financial Services Pleased To Announce Release of SmartRemit App

Muhammad Azad from Southeast Financial Services
25 Feb 2019

Southeast Bank’s UK based subsidiary Southeast Financial Services have launched SmartRemit, the app that will open an efficient and secure way for Bangladeshi expatriates to send money back home.

London (Feb. 25th, 2019) - Southeast Financial Services UK Ltd, a subsidiary of Bangladesh’s Southeast Bank Limited, is located in London, United Kingdom. This company offers many services for those who need to transfer money to Bangladesh, including next day account credit, cash collection from hundreds of locations etc. SFSL realized the need for money transfer services for expatriates from Bangladesh residing in the UK. The need for a safe, reliable, quick and easy to use service through which customers can send money to Bangladesh was yet to be created.

Thus, Southeast Financial Services recently launched a mobile app called SmartRemit that enables their registered customers to send money to Bangladesh 24/7. They are currently running a beta version of this app. SmartRemit helps the customers ditch the queue to send money to Bangladesh, allowing them to send money anytime from anywhere in the UK. Southeast Financial Services usually offer higher exchange rates on SmartRemit app than their branch. The app is secure to use and gives instant notifications. SmartRemit lets you magically transfer money instantly using your bank cards; its interface is simple which makes it easy to use. Southeast Financial Services is committed to improving their services, as a part of this, they now offer a new service for instant account credit without any extra charges. Transactions can now be credited to any account that is affiliated with Southeast Bank Limited instantly. This service gives the customers an opportunity to take money out from their account 24/7/365 from ATM Machines, even beyond banking hours. Nazmul H Azad Mishu, the CEO of the company, said- ‘we are working hard to make money transfer simpler and cheaper, our innovative team is constantly working to improve the service, now we are working on a blockchain based platform for better, securer and faster money transfer service. Our aim is to reduce the money transfer fees drastically in the coming days if we cannot fully waive it’.

About SFSL Founded in 2011, Southeast Financial Services UK Ltd has been providing money remittance service to Bangladesh from the United Kingdom.

Contact For more information please contact Nazmul H Azad (CEO) at or give him a call on +442077902434 or visit

For more information, please contact:
Muhammad Azad
Southeast Financial Services
22 New Road London
E1 2AX Southeast Financial Services

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