Sharesight userbase reaches 100,000 as investors seek portfolio tracking innovation

Prashant Mohan from Sharesight Pty Ltd
27 Aug 2019

Sharesight has passed a significant milestone with more than 100,000 self-directed investors and finance professionals in over 90 countries now using their award-winning portfolio tracker.

Sharesight first entered the market in 2007, launched by a father-son duo looking to create a solution that made it easy to track the true performance of investments. As investment enthusiasts, the two uncovered the same recurring problems amongst their network. Spreadsheets were the tracking method of choice, and they were failing to provide the level of oversight and efficiency needed to track, analyse and make informed decisions accurately.

Twelve years on, and Sharesight is an award-winning investment portfolio tracker. Locally in Australia and New Zealand, Sharesight’s open API powers some of the region’s leading online brokers and robo-advisors. Across the globe, they boast a 100,000 strong user base made up of investors and financial professionals across more than 90 countries.

As a comprehensive portfolio tracking solution, that offers automatic holding updates, tax and performance reports, alerts and other integrations, all from one, easy-to-use, fully online system, Sharesight has won great favour with investors.

Today Sharesight sees a new trade added to its platform every 58 seconds. Collectively users are tracking more than a million individual holdings, with the average Sharesight Investor plan user tracking 69 different investment holdings and Expert plan users tracking an average of 124. At the individual portfolio level, users have recorded 89 trades, on average.

While the organisation operates out of Australia and New Zealand, Sharesight users are made up of investors from over 90 countries, all seeking to track their investments more efficiently through the Sharesight platform.

Much of the growth that Sharesight has enjoyed so far has been a result of word of mouth referrals from its userbase, highlighting the strength of their solution.

“Since raising NZ $2 million in 2015 during Sharesight’s crowdfunded capital raise and combined with strong subscription revenues, we’ve taken Sharesight to the next level. We’ve improved our product with new features in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. We have also seen our international presence grow significantly, with Sharesight now used in 93 countries worldwide. I’m really excited about the next phase of our growth as we diversify our revenue base and grow the Sharesight partner ecosystem in the next 10 years.”

“On behalf of the team at Sharesight, I’d like to thank all our loyal users, Sharesight Pro clients, and Sharesight partners for getting us to this important milestone. We look forward to the next phase as we continue to build on our success,” says Doug Morris, CEO at Sharesight.

“Having co-founded Sharesight with my father Tony 12 years ago, it really validates the work the Sharesight team have put in to solve the problem of tracking your investment performance. Seeing that so many users have encountered the same problem, and see Sharesight as the solution, it means we’re achieving what we set out to do,” says Scott Ryburn, Co-Founder, and CTO at Sharesight.

About Sharesight Sharesight is an award-winning fintech company with offices in Wellington, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia. Its secure, online portfolio tracker and performance reporting tool is used by over 100,000 DIY investors and finance professionals in over 90 countries. Sharesight syncs with brokers to track trades, dividends, and corporate actions automatically, and allows clients to securely share portfolio access with others. For more information visit:

For more information, please contact:
Prashant Mohan
Sharesight Pty Ltd
100, Harris Street
2009 Sydney

Category: Wealth / Asset and Investment Management
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