Secure Trading partner with Chippin to transform online payments

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24 May 2018
  • Enabling merchants across the globe to benefit from Chippin’s new and innovative group payment facility

Chippin, the pioneering new provider of group payment solutions, today announced a partnership with online payment experts, Secure Trading. Merchants who currently use Secure Trading’s payment gateway services to accept their payments, can now enhance their checkout experience, and benefit from Chippin’s new and innovative group payment facility.

Chippin forms an important part of Secure Trading’s global offering, immediately enabling many of the world’s leading businesses to offer their customers the ability to share the cost of a purchase at the point of purchase. Chippin solves the age-old problem of splitting the cost of an online purchase with friends and family, and gives merchants invaluable insight into currently inaccessible data, regarding group purchasing behaviour.

Secure Trading’s Craig Brightly, explains: “This is a great example of how Secure Trading is enabling merchants to take their online checkout to the next level. We’ve all been there, whether it is booking gig tickets for friends and chasing payment; or clubbing together to buy a gift off a wedding list – it can be a pain being the organiser. Chippin removes that pain. One simple integration that takes minutes, rather than days, and merchants can allow their customers to split the cost of any online purchase.”

Many businesses are poised to benefit from this partnership, including Juicemaster - the internationally renowned health and lifestyle brand. JuiceMaster’s CEO, Jason Vale, says: “Chippin makes group purchases simple and secure for our customers, removing the pain of chasing payments from groups, or wandering around the office with an envelope.

“Not only does Chippin integrate easily into our website, but it sits alongside other options, such as Paypal and Visa. We’re looking forward to offering our customers the latest innovation in payments, whilst benefiting from Secure Trading’s expertise and secure payment gateway.”

Charlie Curson, Chippin’s co- founder and CEO, says: “Partnering with Secure Trading is an exciting step in Chippin’s development. With an ever-increasing demand for Chippin from individual merchants, working with a global payment provider, like Secure Trading, helps to quickly scale our solution across many industries, including ticketing, retail and hospitality. Helping businesses of all shapes and sizes make the aspirational affordable for their customers.”

How Chippin’s solution works:

Online merchants integrate using a platform-ready module or follow simple direct integration instructions. Once integrated, in a matter of hours (or even minutes), Chippin provides a new option in the merchant’s checkout – the ability for the customer to simply and securely split the cost of the purchase between others.

The process is very simple: • The instigator chooses how much to ask from each contributor and invitations are automatically sent for contributors to accept or decline payment. The instigator can easily track the progress of the Chippin. • Once the total is met, the order completes and is sent through to the merchant as a normal order – albeit with the extra behavioural information, data and currently unobtainable insight.

Chippin is not a money-raising platform and requires no pre-allocation of stock. Benefiting merchants by enabling them to capture the details of ‘secondary customers’ or ‘ghosts’ i.e. those involved in a group purchase, but not actually instigating it. This provides a unique opportunity for all merchants to understand the associated insight and behaviour of these unseen customers, and market to them accordingly.

Chippin is both commerce and payment platform agnostic, and is designed to work on any platform, with a simple, light touch integration. It is fully configurable by the merchant so that they can make it meet their specific needs.

Crucially for merchants, whilst helping to reduce CaC and increase LTV, Chippin is a friction-free mechanism. Chippin does not change or interfere with the user's checkout journey; it enables merchants to facilitate group payments without changing other processes.

About Chippin:

Formed out of a real-life need, Chippin was founded in 2015 to solve the age-old problem of sharing the cost of a purchase. Chippin is designed to make the process of group purchasing simple, secure and engaging.

A simple integration enables online businesses to allow their customers to split the cost of a purchase, at the point of purchase. Highly configurable to the host merchant’s needs, Chippin can be set to allow customers a specific time to reach a total or, alternatively, be set to immediately complete a transaction and then give the customer time to receive payments from their contributors. This dynamic, configurable application ensures that Chippin can benefit merchants across many different industries.

From retail to re-insurance and ticketing to travel, the software can be set up to suit the individual company’s requirements. Chippin has 15 merchants live to date, with another 60+ planning to integrate in the next quarter. Though Chippin’s initial focus was in retail, it has now grown its offering for ticketing (sports, music, theatre, group activities etc), and is in late stage discussions with several sports clubs and major ticketing vendors. Chippin is currently looking for new partners to deploy its technology and quickly discover their own group payment customer base and grow their business accordingly.

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About Secure Trading:

Secure Trading are the Online Payment Experts. An integrated payments services company established in 1997, they offer a single point of contact for card acquiring, payment processing, PCI compliance and cyber security services.

Secure Trading’s acquiring solutions can be up and running in as little as 48 hours and operate internationally with ease, while their high-performance payments platform has an unrivalled 100% uptime record. With both card acquiring services and payment processing, Secure Trading provide businesses with true end-to-end payment solutions across the entire payments journey, reducing the complexity of setting up online. With merchant account and gateway in place, ecommerce business can be ready to accept payments 24/7, 365 days per year.

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