supercedes Visa in terms of API endpoints

Nadia Nolan from
12 Feb 2018, the European Core Payment Platform, supersedes Visa and other major players in terms of API endpoints.

Striving to deliver the best-in-class back-end platform, beats the giants of the payment-processing industry and other major FinTech players according to research conducted by the team.

Why does the number of API endpoints matter so much?

Pavel Sidelov, CTO said: “API is a way for programs to effectively communicate with each other. It is an infrastructural foundation in a system, similar, for instance, to the electrical grid in a city. Just as a modern city cannot exist without electricity, a modern bank/payment provider cannot survive without API. The number of API endpoints shows the level of a platform’s flexibility, and hence defines the speed and scope of implementation of final products on top of the platform. To fully serve a modern customer, we need to resonate with their philosophy — providing a broad set of functionality in a fast and cost-efficient way. When we say ‘fast’ we imply hours, not months. And an API-first approach is exactly the means to achieve that. Applications built on are scalable, adaptable, modular, and quickly accessible.

Obviously, as such a big-name and large-scale player, Visa has been a long-lasting example and inspiration for us. But we are, however, “building a house on a brand-new piling,” so to speak. is a new-generation payment platform built on cutting-edge technology which is both critical today and will continue to be relevant tomorrow. Our goal is to remain on the forefront of changes and be miles ahead of our peers and the big players of the FinTech and payment industry".

Alex Malyshev, CEO said: “The majority of startup entrepreneurs dream about excelling beyond their more successful peers. But that hasn’t been the case with us, to be honest — not precisely, at least. Rather, our story rests upon the relentless and dedicated work of our team towards its main objective — becoming the best technology platform for Digital Wallet Providers, Electronic Money Institutions, and Payment Service Providers across the globe. But I won't deny the fact that emerging as a leader in this API arms race, as a result, is also a nice perk!”

About The company was established in 2013 in the Czech Republic. is the Core Payment Platform wrapped into 280+ APIs. It enables payment providers, FinTech entrepreneurs, and banks to launch payment or loyalty products 5-to-10 times faster compared to current industry standards — while decreasing CAPEX by 90%. In addition, our clients get the full flexibility to customize and manage their own solution through our APIs. Multiple payment products can be built on our platform: Payment Services, Electronic Wallet, P2P Money Transfer, Currency Exchange, and many others. In 2016, realized the 4th version of the platform. We provide service to clients from a range of different countries including the USA, Canada, the UK, Singapore, Spain, Ireland, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Ghana, and more. 2017 was marked for as an API growth year, bringing the number of API endpoints from 0 to 285.

For more information, please contact:
Nadia Nolan
Kremencova 7, Prague 1,
110 00 Prague
Czech Republic

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