Santander has best mobile experience for new savings customers

Nina Mack from
15 Aug 2019

Santander has the best mobile onboarding experience for savings accounts, according to a banking report by leading UK conversion optimisation agency,

The audit compares 10 leading UK banks considering criteria such as new customer eligibility criteria, ease of finding eligibility criteria, understanding the options, account opening experience and mobile site speed.

Santander got an overall score 59.5 out of 70, with Metro Bank following closely behind with 58.7 points. TSB ranked lowest with 22.4 points. asked six people to open a savings account using the following scenario:

“Imagine you want to open a savings account with a bank other than your own bank in order to keep the money you are saving separate to your current account. Please navigate to the bank’s website and open an instant access savings account.”

The agency then recorded their reactions, questions and experience so they could be compared.

The audit details both the positive and negative points users made and gives recommendations for user experience improvement for each bank.’s managing director Nina Mack said “"We were quite surprised at the range of approaches UK banks take to developing new customer relationships. Savings accounts can be a nice, low commitment way to get new customers who can then be offered the proposition for other products once the relationship is formed. The fact that some banks are still forcing customers to have a current account before they'll offer them a savings product seems like a missed opportunity.”

You can download the full report here -

For more information, please contact:
Nina Mack
0044 7850 741 847
Workplace, 4th Floor, Churchgate House, 56 Oxford Street
M1 6EU Manchester

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