Sageworks launches revamped Relationship Manager built for bankers

Hannah Blair Rapp from Sageworks
07 May 2018

Raleigh, N.C., May 7, 2018 – Sageworks, a financial information company that offers lending, credit risk and portfolio risk solutions to banks and credit unions, today announced the roll out of their newly expanded customer relationship manager (CRM) for financial institutions. Fully integrated on the Sageworks Banking Platform, Sageworks Relationship Manager aggregates data from all customer financials and interactions, providing bankers with a complete, 360-degree view of both customers and loans. Enhancements to the product are sourced from the feedback of Sageworks’ clients and continue the company’s effort to help financial institutions increase transparency, mitigate risk and identify opportunities in their borrower relationships. Sageworks first launched the product in 2017, which allowed bankers to manage contacts and track relationships over the life of the loan through a central system of record. Client responses to Sageworks’ pilot version of the product demonstrated significant interest in a CRM built specifically for bankers – tailored to show the types of information important in banking relationships and using dashboards relevant to bank management without significant administration responsibilities. The updated Sageworks Relationship Manager offers that targeted experience and leverages the wealth of customer data used in the other modules of Sageworks Banking Platform as well as the bank’s core. The added transparency of this real-time, aggregated data will enable lenders and analysts to service the customer more effectively, report accurately on the institution’s lending pipeline and consistently build accurate forecasts. With centralized activity reporting, Relationship Manager mitigates customer service and operational risks, making it easy for bank staff to see recent activity as well as overdue tasks. The product also tracks open opportunities and begins underwriting workflows, equipping lenders to move quickly and acquire new business. Scott Ogle, CEO of Sageworks, says: “A consistent challenge for financial institutions is the need to consolidate and analyze large amounts of customer data effectively. With these enhancements to Sageworks Relationship Manager, banks and credit unions can leverage data brought in from disparate sources, providing deeper insight into the customer relationships they track and manage. Understanding the full scope of each customer relationship vastly improves an institution’s ability to uncover credit risk concerns as well as seize growth opportunities.” While Sageworks Relationship Manager provides CRM capabilities ideally suited for banking relationships, if an institution already leverages an external CRM, the Sageworks API Network makes it possible for external CRMs to connect with the company’s Banking Platform. About Sageworks Sageworks offers banks and credit unions lending, credit risk and portfolio risk software to efficiently grow and improve the borrower experience. By automating the life of the loan with Sageworks, bankers book commercial loans faster and reduce risk. Sageworks uniquely provides integrated solutions and industry expertise to more than 1,200 financial institutions that achieve an average 38% higher loan growth than peers. Visit to learn more.

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