Revolutionary Fintech of the Year 2019 is Cloudasset

Vilma Valtonen from Cloudasset
24 Oct 2019

Nordic Future Digital Finance Forum’s 8th edition was held in Valkoinen Sali, Helsinki on 22-23 October. The two-day event brought together hundreds of professionals from all around Europe including Fintechs, banks, investors and regulators. As part of the event Helsinki Fintech Farm organised the Revolutionary Fintech of the Year final with the objective of identifying the most innovative and scalable company of 2019. The search for candidates started in August when finalists were chosen based on nominations from the public. Cloudasset was one of the six finalists chosen. The other finalists were Mash, Invesdor, Prasos, Bankify and Tomorrow Tech.

The highlight of the event took place Tuesday evening when the finalist were given a chance to pitch on stage in front of the selection committee and live audience. The prestigious jury consisted of seasoned professionals Jupe Arala from Vendep Capital, Sami Toivoniemi from Deloitte and Isobel Nordström from Citi. According to Helsinki Fintech Farm “The judges were chosen to represent various industry groups to ensure a wide range of opinions were considered. They also received material on each company prior to the stage appearances.”

Cloudasset’s CEO Hasan Malik gave an energetic pitch on the stage showcasing P3, a holistic payment system platform that digitises end-to-end flow of funds between consumers, merchants and financial institutions to create realtime payment ecosystems.

The jury had emphasised that the attributes of the winning company should be Vision, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Scalability and the level of disruption.
The decision was not easy, with the Jury taking extra time to decide, but finally Isobel Nordström from Citi announced the winner; it’s Cloudasset! P3 had ticked all the boxes on the Jury’s selection criteria and further impressed the jury with its complete, holistic approach and super scalability.

“We are humbled to be chosen for this great award. This is a major milestone in our start up journey and we are grateful for the confidence and validation of the judges and the Fintech community. We look forward to playing a role in establishing Finland as a global Fintech leader.” Hasan, CEO of Cloudasset says.

About Cloudasset

Cloudasset is a Finland based Technology Innovator that develops Cloud Native Platforms for Digital Payments and AI Technologies to create unique products & solutions to address the challenges of today’s digital economy. P3 is a Fintech platform featuring an interactive payment service for the digital societies, painlessly connecting consumers, merchants & financial institutions. P3 offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services, enabling institutions to quickly set up a state-of-the-art payments ecosystems, which includes payment acceptance & processing, issuance & digital wallets and digital merchant solutions for a variety of business types and market demands.

For more information, please contact:
Vilma Valtonen
+358 40 350 5578
Tallberginkatu 1
00180 Helsinki

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