Public Release of FINEX Psychometric Profiling

Gabor Blasko from Finex Solutions Kft.
14 Dec 2017

Press Release 15/12/2017 Munich, Germany
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FINEX helps banks tailor marketing and digital services to customers' personality traits

FINEX Solutions, a FinTech company specializing in innovative digital banking solutions, announced today the public release of FINEX Psychometric Profiling. Psychometric Profiling is an analytics and personalization tool that enables financial institutions to achieve unprecedented insight into customers by analysing their digital banking footprint. FINEX’s Psychometric Profiling allows banks to predict their customers’ personality traits − such as extroversion, openness to risk-taking, or the tendency to display self-discipline – by analysing their online and mobile banking data, such as preferences, settings, and behaviour patterns.
The personality insights calculated by Psychometric Profiling can help banks to significantly improve marketing ROI, achieve more sophisticated customer segmentation, and improve the customer experience. The personalization component of FINEX’s new tool allows banks to create digital advertisements that accurately match the customer’s personality traits, values, beliefs, and subconscious preferences. The personality profiles are also utilized to predict customer lifestyle choices, financial and consumer preferences, enabling more accurate customer segmentation and product targeting. FINEX Psychometric Profiling also helps banks tailor the digital banking user experience to match the customer’s personality and subconscious preferences, resulting in an enhanced customer experience. To achieve this, FINEX has been working with psychologists and data scientists to combine the extraordinary amount of customer data available in digital banking applications – such as usage patterns, location data, user preferences and settings − through data analytics and psychometrics, the science of measuring personality traits.
Gabor Blasko, Senior Partner at FINEX Solutions, maintains that Psychometric Profiling will provide a range of unprecedented capabilities and benefits to financial institutions stating:
“Our vision at FINEX Solutions is to help banks personalise their digital services and marketing on an individual level. Digital technologies are evolving at an increasing speed, and nowadays we have access to an extraordinary amount of customer data through digital devices. By combining this data with psychometrics and predictive analytics, banks can tailor their marketing and digital services on an individual level, and deliver a truly amazing customer experience.” -Ends-

For more information, contact: Gabor Blasko Senior Partner - FINEX Solutions

About FINEX Solutions FINEX Solutions was founded by digital banking and IT technology professionals, and is headquartered in Munich, Germany. Our experts have a proven track record in delivering successful digital banking implementation and transformation programs while working for the largest global banks. Our mission is to provide market-leading digital banking solutions for financial institutions.
To learn more about FINEX Psychometric Profiling, visit

For more information, please contact:
Gabor Blasko
Finex Solutions Kft.
Schwalbenweg, 6
85661 Forstinning

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