Popular Chinese BTC Fork BigBitcoin Launches From Stealth Mode to Six Exchanges 28th of March!

Andrew M from http://bigbitcoins.org/
26 Mar 2018

Following last months the hugely successful BTC fork BigBitCoin in China, listings on six popular trading platforms is set at 10:00 on March 28th 2018, on the following platforms:

Bitbitx (www.bitbitx.com) KTrade (www.ktrade.io) Bihuex (bihuex.com) NERAEX (neraex.pro) LIOCOIN (loiex.com) COIN918 (www.coin918.com)

This is part of the team’s strategic plan of international expansion outside of China, stretching from North America, Australia to Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. According to the BBC foundation, focus is to increase the number of exchanges to be listed on, while development of the wallet is coming online to fill the gap in the strategy.

Bitbitx (www.bitbitx.com) is a global digital asset trading platform, which was purchased by the Canadian Bitbitx Inc at the beginning of this month. It is a legal company that has a block chain trading platform and regular business license in Canada. It maintains good cooperation with the North American Block Chain Foundation, BitgooseInc and the EZSSJapan company. BBC will take the opportunity of starting the first collaboration, by managing the area of North America to strengthen the impact of the region and the speed of community development. The headquarters of the COIN918 (www.coin918.com), located in Sydney, Australia, is committed to providing people with a safe, fast and stable virtual currency transaction. It adheres to Google’s principle of "Do no evil", which enables everyone to get safe trading. KTrade (www.ktrade.io) is different from other digital asset trading platforms. It not only helps with initial coin offerings to the public, but also is a comprehensive trading platform for the global cryptocurrency market. It assists the users to achieve an open, transparent and unchangeable digital transaction by the use of distributed ledger technology, digital encryption transmission, and intelligent contract technology. BBC pays much attention to the future of the KTrade platform, and thinks that it is a win-win choice to start to be on-line on this platform. In the future, the two sides will also have more cooperation in community building and market promotion. BBC covers the largest markets in the Asian region to lay a solid foundation for the strategic expansion of Asia as it also launches on LOICOIN (loiex.com), which occupy a fairly large share in digital assets trading platforms in Korea, and Japan NERAEX (neraex.pro). Brief introduction to the current project progress of BBC. BBC successfully forked from Bitcoin on the 13th of February 2018, with the block size of 16M and the block time of 2.5 minutes. It completed the integration of Bitpie and Bitgo wallets, and cooperated with several media and projects to successfully finish the first round of publicity. According to the analysis of BBC fork block data, 60% of BTC users received BBC, while there are more than 10 million BTC users around the world. BBC has acquired a large number of users from the BTC community by means of a fork distribution. In addition, cooperation between BBC foundation and teams such as ETChain community, Bitpie community, Cloud chain community, Italy and other European and American teams, it is expected to add 1 million BBC users to the community in March. To support the follow-up development and the maintenance of related community, BBC management has through the big bitcoin foundation invested in mining machines to start mining. The BBC from mining will be used to support the community, to support new excellent project on the main network, and to help the publicity of outstanding projecs. It has been reported that BBC is available on the wallets of Bitpie and BitGo, both of them have millions of users, and their wallets equipped with trading capabilities. The Cloud Chain wallet which is under iterative promotion will bring a better experience to the users after docking with BBC. This kind of wallet will hold a lot of interesting activities in the wallet for its own community users. Recently, BBC is also actively integrating the social platform for business use, using "Bitmessage",which integrates the relevant stakeholders, such as coin holders, miners and business entities. Additionally, it supports the Chinese red envelopes and support businesses in transactions and communication.

The satisfying data, grand market, rising expectations all depends on the strength of the BBC’s infrastructure. The data before the fork is an expectation, while the data of the real tests illustrates that the transfer speed of BBC is very fast and almost reaches to seconds. Currently it is hard to identify whether it has the speed which is comparable to that in the Chinese event Double 11 by Alibaba as there is a big gap between actual trading and testing. But this data must be achieved by implementing the technology which is related to capacity and speed. So what is the technical principle of BBC’s speed?

The block size of BBC16M is 16 times more than that of BTC 1M, and the block time (2.5 minutes) is 4 times more than that of BTC (10 minutes). At the same time, BBC also supports segregated witness, lightning network and graphene technology. For mass transactions and high concurrency, it can provide reliable and effective technical support for speed and data throughput capability. In addition, the BBC team also pioneered the chain matrix model. When dealing with high concurrent transactions, the BBC main chain will automatically create chain matrixes that are local parallel chains, and each of them inherits the characteristics of the BBC main chain. The local parallel chain can even reach the confirmation speed of a millisecond, which improves the performance of the BBC main chain at scale. Therefore, the payment speed should be able to reach the level of the Alibaba Double eleven event, which is a unique precedent in other BTC forks.

Speed is not the only requirement of the data processing in transactions. Security is another important factor to consider, to store and manage assets for all stakeholders. On the 7th in this month, Binance was hacked by hackers, and some of the user's digital assets were traded. After the incident, Binance suspended the currency trading, rolled back technical data, and led to a global crash caused by hacker manipulation. This process made a perfect demonstration of the importance of security in this industry. In this respect, BBC has improved the security performance of the whole network to the currently extreme status—military security level. BBC not only supports replay protection, adopting new signature hash classes to effectively defend replay attacks, but also improves the security performance of hardware wallets, solving the squash complexity of hash. At the same time, BBC also uses the zero knowledge proof to support the Zcoin agreement. Zcoin originated from a set of collateral pool, this pool is defined and protected in the block chain, and the record history of each transaction will be deleted after passing the collateral pool. It is similar to an invisible account that maximally realizes the full privacy and anonymity of financial transactions. Even the analysis of the block chain is impossible to break the privacy.

BBC also has its own consideration for the future of quantum computing, which may have a potential impact on the security problem of block chains. Although the encryption algorithm based on elliptic curve discrete logarithm is still applied, once entering the post quantum era, BBC can be switched to an anti quantum attack encryption algorithm at any time. BBC also supports unique address formats, multiple signatures, and so on, which can further enhance the security performance of BBC networks and BBC payments. In addition, when BBC starts to be available on the main net, the satellite will be put as an operation node of block chain, increasing the diversity of block chain nodes, which can help traditional ground Internet to avoid the risk of vicious attacks. When BBC technologies are deployed, the millisecond of local chain speed and the security of military grade have laid a solid foundation for the killer applications like Alipay in the block chain industry. With a wide range of support, BBC will not only become the fastest BTC bifurcation in the world, but also have the most application scenarios.

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Andrew M


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