PiixPay recovers from DDoS attack.

Raivo Malter from Payster Group Ltd
25 Sep 2018

Crypto to fiat payments platform piixpay.com has been operating since 2014, this was the first time when DDoS attack succeeded to halt our webpage front-end. “As our system is based on micro services and modular, we had no issues with our backend systems” says Raivo Malter, CTO of Payster Group Ltd. He continues, “We were actually waiting for this to happen and were prepared. It was only a matter of time when someone tries to attack service like ours. It did cause short-term problems also to our front end hosting partner, Estonian largest web hosting company”.

Attack took place on 25th of September at 1:15pm local time. Raivo continues that “It was large enough to make fighting it infeasible, so we took measures to neuter it. We learned from the incident and are happy it did occur. As I learned 18 years ago in US Military IT and communication training: you need to have public-facing honeypots to know what your adversaries are planning.”

All the services have been now recovered, attack had impact for about 3 hours, none of the client accounts have been compromised. PiixPay is continuing to invest in to digital security and has gained now more experience how to deal with such cases to provide better and more secure services.

For more information, please contact:
Raivo Malter
Payster Group Ltd

Category: Crypto
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