Panthera Tree Behavior-Tech Solution Sets New Standards For Investment Decisions

Biljana Kling from Panthera Solutions
10 Jan 2019

Today, we are happy to announce the launch of the Panthera Tree, a Behavior-Tech solution that facilitates most evidence-based investment decisions for asset managers and owners to strengthen their competitive edge.

As a habit forming SaaS technology, it is designed to improve decision making, for which it incorporates learning, management and compliance aspects. All investment decisions are reasoned and monitored at one place.

Why of relevance? Maximizing the use of adaptive and technical skills and minimizing luck in an investment decision generates a competitive edge. Knowing what you are doing is key, a necessity to stay in business and a continuous learning experience at once. Existing portfolio and risk management software turns a blind eye to that. The Panthera Tree closes this gap. A novelty.

CONTEXT The Panthera Tree is part of a young, dynamic niche of Behavior Tech solutions that benefit from applied behavioral finance insights. We are proud to significantly contribute to its development by (a) producing those insights through our academic activities and (b) transforming them into value-adding solutions for investment professionals. The concept of the Panthera Tree has been successfully developed and used in our consulting work for several years. Converting it intro a SaaS, enables more professional investors to benefit from its practical advantages.

ASSET MANAGEMENT INDUSTRY Digitization-driven margin pressure, oligopolistic tendencies in the asset management industry and regulatory requirements that strengthen the trend towards standardized me-too services, push asset managers and asset owners in a direction they have avoided: developing comparative advantages through innovative specialization.

APPLIED BEHAVIORAL FINANCE Applied behavioral finance is not an end in itself, but a tool for us to intervene more precisely, and a tool for the investor to make the intervention last. We empower investment professionals to make better decisions under uncertainty and complexity.

COMPANY Panthera Solutions is a Monaco-based consultancy, specialized in optimizing the investment decision architecture for professional investors. Panthera ́s proprietary decision-making intervention and application framework of Intuitive Behavioral Designempowers professional investors through1) training2) coaching,3) consulting and 4) Behavior-Tech elements, tailored to the needs of our customers to make better investment decisions. The Panthera Tree (Behavior-Tech) and the Panthera Academy (training and coaching) stand as examples of our proprietary framework. More info:

For more information, please contact:
Biljana Kling
Panthera Solutions
25, Av de la Costa
98000 Monaco

Category: Wealth / Asset and Investment Management
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