Pannovate announce the launch of their latest innovative front end - LaunchPad

Emily Baum from Pannovate Limited
27 Apr 2019

Pannovate Limited, the successful digital solutions company headquartered in the UK, have created the missing piece for neo banks coming to market. LaunchPad is an accumulative application that puts the customer experience first. Pulling information from multiple sources, LaunchPad offers a host of expected standard features plus the option to add bespoke bolt-ons and the ability to replicate a client’s brand on to an exceptional UX experience makes Launchpad a unique and powerful new player in the market.
The fintech market in the UK and Europe is seeing a boom in investment and innovation. Pannovate had observed that whilst fintech’s were excellent at sourcing the elements they needed, very few could replicate or simulate the “Revolut” style of user experience. The frontend app was often the forgotten piece of the puzzle, but this is the most important piece. End users are becoming more demanding and a users’ last best experience becomes the minimum level of experience they expect next. This is where Pannovate leverages its 40 years’ experience within its’ delivery team and payments expertise to bring to market exceptional financial services apps that engages even the most critical end user. LaunchPad enables companies wanting to bring finance products to market a fast, cost effective route whilst offering variety of customisable options to allow clients to differentiate their offering. All the usual functionality is included – such as transaction history, the ability to change a PIN, and make a payment – but with additional modules that creates a layer of customisation – making this solution valid for neo banks, credit, debit and prepaid products. LaunchPad can be used for basic banking products or more complex financial services solutions that require multiple currencies, peer to peer payments, crowdfunding modules or business solutions. LauchPad’s flexibility, both in terms of branding, functionality and omnichannel experience, makes it an easy choice. “We could see decent products coming to market and failing to acquire customers, and this was largely down to the poor user experience. Customers expect more from their mobile payment solutions. They expect a slick finish, security, and real time data at their fingertips. LaunchPad gives them all this and more, and it is built for speed to market and to adapt with the growing demands the business may face.” Said Pavle Luljic, CEO of Pannovate Limited. Pannovate will be announcing their first few clients in the coming weeks and are very excited to be sharing this amazing innovation with the fintech community.

For more information, please contact:
Emily Baum
Pannovate Limited
22 Manor Drive
NW7 3NE London
United Kingdom

Category: Banking
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