Nxt Foundation Launches ANG Initiative for Projects in the Nxt and Ardor Blockchain Ecosystem

John McLeod from JEA Associates Ltd
28 Nov 2017

• Aims to provide the users, project owners, and businesses of Ardor and Nxt (ANG) blockchains with an environment for effective collaboration and learning • Full governance structure to be created for ANG with top-level positions elected by its members • Three membership tiers, Business, Premier and General for users

The Nxt Foundation, (www.nxtfoundation.io) a community-created organization catering to the community around the Nxt platform (www.nxtplatform.org) and the Ardor platform, (www.ardorplatform.org) both developed by Jelurida B.V, (www.jelurida.com) today announce the launch of ANG (www.ardornxt.group), an ecosystem that supports developers and businesses using the Nxt and Ardor blockchains. The decision reflects the growing presence of Jelurida B.V. as a public entity for developing Nxt and Ardor Blockchain technology and the Nxt Foundation’s shifting role as a provider of community tools, such as Nxtforum and the Nxt and Ardor subreddits. ANG will focus on the growing role the Nxt Foundation played in working on and improving the community, both online and offline, and creating a better environment for projects interested in using Nxt and Ardor blockchain technology and those that contribute to the ecosystem. ANG envisions a community where mutual engagement and participation in the Blockchain ecosystem enable users, projects and businesses to learn from one other and support each other’s goals, through meetup groups, speaker’s corners and education initiatives.

Travin Keith, Director of ANG: As the Nxt community approaches its fourth anniversary, it’s important that we create effective structures and onboarding procedures to ensure that community members are able to easily take part in various activities and that businesses are able to stay visible to the community and other projects for possible collaboration. Now that Jelurida B.V. has formally taken on the role of leading Nxt and Ardor technology, ANG can focus exclusively on this role for projects using Jelurida’s pioneering technology or are part of its ecosystem.

Travin Keith, will act as Preliminary Director until January 15, 2018, at which point the first proper Director will be voted in by Premier Members, General Members, and Business Members who have paid for their membership. Details of this election will be disclosed by November 30th. To keep ANG sustainable, membership fees will be charged in a similar way to the Supporter Program. Basic membership will be free for companies until January 15, 2018, as ANG gains traction and Supporters of the Nxt Foundation, both Individual and Corporate, will automatically get relevant membership for at least one year from January 15, 2018, regardless of when their Supporter status ends.

About, Jelurida and the Ardor and Nxt Group (ANG):

Jelurida B.V. is a software development company engaged predominantly in the creation of Nxt and Ardor blockchain technology. This summer, Jelurida conducted a successful ICO for the tokens of the first Ardor child chain, Ignis, and raised over $15m.

The Ardor and Nxt Group (ANG) is an initiative by community members that enables members of the community to participate in the growth of the Nxt and Ardor Platform ecosystem as well as provide businesses, projects, and organizations in the blockchain ecosystem, a platform to gain wider visibility, as well as promote collaborative activities among its members.

For more information, please contact:
John McLeod
JEA Associates Ltd

SW8 5AJ London

Category: Crypto
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