New App Kript Helps Private Crypto Investors Manage Their Assets

Ruslan Smirnov from Kript PTE LTD
26 Oct 2017

Singapore, Singapore, October 26, 2017 - Kript is a brand new first-of-its-kind mobile app that will help private crypto investors manage their assets. The app simplifies the process of buying and trading while featuring the latest major news and updates about ICO analytics and price forecasting information fueled by the community and top crypto investors. The app will be released on Oct. 30 through the App Store. Crypto-currency is gaining in popularity, and with it a rise in the need to manage assets and investment. More than a wallet or exchange, Kript is a community for like-minded people, informational services, personalized support, and advice. The Kript platform connects financial market experts with private investors to help them navigate and choose the best ICOs for investment. The app will automate personal recommendations based on artificial intelligence technologies. Users can discuss trading strategies with experts as well as connect with like-minded investors to find new opportunities and trading ideas. The app also lets users discover thousands of price predictions for crypto assets. In addition, users can share their own expert opinion about ICOs and future price predictions.

Kript acts as data-driven investment solution. Automated scoring evaluates upcoming ICOs to find the best investment ideas. The user’s newsfeed provides news and articles tailored specifically to their needs. Detailed statistics and description of all available assets are also available. With a focus on security, all personal, financial and other sensitive information stays on the user’s local device. There is no centralized storage in Kript.

About Kript Based in Singapore, Kript is a group of professionals who specializes in mobile interfaces, blockchain, and AI. The company aims to create an application for investing in crypto assets that can be used by anyone in the world. For more information, visit Source: Kript PTE LTD

For more information, please contact:
Ruslan Smirnov

Category: Crypto
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