MoonRate helps to connect startups with ICO agencies

Mary from MoonRate
06 Jul 2018

MoonRate, a brand new platform just recently launched, is a truly unique resource. This new website is a listing for verified ICO agencies that allows anyone to access ratings, reviews, and cases of the global ICO agency market.

The ICO market grows day by day with more and more ICO projects appearing. Most of them need support: writing white paper, looking for professional advisors and partners, ICO marketing, PR and many other services.

But the main question is this: How do you choose a verified ICO agency? As long as there are scammers, choosing a reliable ICO support will be a difficult task. The MoonRate platform was designed to help ICO projects with this herculean task as well as help ICO agencies to find new clients.

MoonRate offers a list of only verified ICO agencies from all over the world including ratings and reviews. The main page features a full list of agencies that are ranked by rating, cost, and popularity. Soon an agency’s rating will also depend on users’ reviews and feedbacks. This lets everyone do independent research on each agency and decide which one is most suitable for his or her needs. If you’re an ICO agency representative, you can add your company’s information to the MoonRate website and look for new clients. Having key ratings, reviews, and cases of the global ICO agency market all in one place will make choosing ICO support easier. Each agency is checked for scam, so you can rest assured that with MoonRate, you’ll find only trusted agencies.

Check out the new MoonRate platform here:

For more information, please contact:

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