Making International investing simple and transparent – CybiWealth digital platform

Scott Cooper from CybiWealth
15 Nov 2018

Making International investing simple and transparent – CybiWealth digital platform.

If you want to build an investment portfolio consisting of shares in leading global companies, and grow your wealth over time, CybiWealth is the answer. CybiWealth is a digital investing platform that offers a share portfolio in high quality, multinational companies such as Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Unilever and L’Oréal. It focuses on offering a simple and intuitive digital user experience, and enables investment via EFT, debit or credit card.

The portfolio consists of listed multinational companies - all successful, well established, international brands with excellent track records of growing the dividends paid to shareholders over time. These companies are usually market leaders in their given fields and have global distribution networks, selling their trusted brands all around the world. These companies are diversified across many products and countries, making them more resilient to changing economic conditions, technologies and trends.

Managed by a team of experienced investment experts

CybiWealth is a division of FIM Capital Limited, an experienced wealth manager, based in the Isle of Man. FIM Capital is licensed by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our experienced investment team manage all CybiWealth’s clients’ share portfolios and CybiWealth’s regulatory compliance so clients can be assured their money is in safe hands.

Own shares directly in leading global companies

CybiWealth offers young professionals, entrepreneurs and those wanting to start investing, the opportunity to start from as little as £500 through their website and mobile app. Investors benefit from direct share ownership and lower fees, together with a team of experienced investment professionals overseeing their portfolio on a daily basis. Instead of owning a fraction of a Collective Investment Scheme or a Mutual Fund, CybiWealth’s share portfolio allows you to directly own shares in global companies.

Easy signup, invest via bank transfer, credit or debit card

There is an easy signup and account-opening process via the CybiWealth website. Registration involves completing your relevant personal information* and then allowing CybiWealth to electronically verify your identity.

Once signed up, you can deposit funds into your CybiWealth account (via bank transfer, debit card or credit card) through a simple and secure process.

At all points in the process, CybiWealth has sought to make things as easy as possible for investors - from electronic on-boarding, electronic identity validation, investing via a debit or credit card, even to the extent whereby investors can top up their investments at any time via our app.


With CybiWealth, you will receive dividend notifications and news from the companies in which you hold a direct share investment. You can also log into your account to view your current account balance and shareholder activity at any time. The CybiWealth app offers easy access to your account from your mobile device.

All this for one simple, low management fee

CybiWealth charges an annual management fee of 0.75% for managing your international share portfolio. Unlike many other products, there are no administration fees, initial fees, exit fees or performance fees. In addition to the management fee, Saxo Bank A/S (a fully licensed and regulated Danish bank, subject to the European Union regulations and directives) levies a 0.075% annual fee for keeping your investments in safe custody.

Take control of your financial future today

With the benefits of direct share ownership and lower fees, together with a team of investment professionals, CybiWealth enables you to take control of your financial future. Sign up with CybiWealth now on, download the app, or email for further information.

*your personal data will be held by FIM Capital Limited in line with their GDPR Privacy Policy, a copy of which can be seen on their website –

For more information, please contact:
Scott Cooper

Category: Wealth / Asset and Investment Management

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