London Stock Exchange Group’s UnaVista Partner Programme expanded: JobRouter offers Process Intelligence for MiFID II

Ivana Pejanovic from JobRouter AG
01 Jun 2017

Easy implementation and powerful solution for MiFID II transaction reporting / immediate end-to-end reconciliation & traceability / comprehensive visibility and secure data exchange across trusted ARMs / compliant to MiFID II regulations

While digitisation is progressing in the financial services industry, the requirements for compliance and traceability in the information exchange are increasing as well. Technological partnerships and collaborations are a key to achieving these goals, especially when it comes to fast-paced, complex digital processes, as required by MiFID II. For this reason, the JobRouter Group, the leading provider of a powerful platform for fast digital enterprise transformation, has joined the UnaVista’s Partner Programme. UnaVista, part of London Stock Exchange Group, is an Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM) under MiFID and will be offering an ARM service to continue providing transparent reporting under MiFID II directive.

The Partner Programme was recently established to provide companies with a wide range of solutions for existing and future financial market regulations. The network currently consists of software and technology vendors, which cover different business areas and so can help clients meet the challenges of compliance and efficiency, reducing operational risk. In the MIFID II Starter Pack, JobRouter combines the possibilities of powerful process automation for compliance reporting with simultaneous data matching and intelligent data enrichment. The customer receives full visibility through an individualised dashboard that displays all matched, pending and failed transactions and provides a way to archive and process this information.

JobRouter has joined the Partner Programme to ensure smooth reporting all the way through to the National Competent Authority via UnaVista and by connecting to UnaVista, we would help our clients reduce the complexities associated with regulatory reporting for MiFID II and other upcoming regulations. JobRouter® offers a three-way end-to-end reconciliation and intelligent data enrichment both seamlessly and low-risk.

"This partnership is great news for customers who perform their MiFIR transaction reporting via UnaVista and want to work comfortably and safely. With our MiFID II starter package, we provide a secure, easy-to-integrate and easy-to-use solution. This allows us to offer immediate, traceable information exchange across all entities," says Jayesh Patel, Managing Director of JobRouter UK. "This is particularly important when it comes to sensitive data, compliance, and legal requirements. Our experience in process automation, where we place a strong focus on documented and certifiable processes, has taught us that a viable solution must be both scalable and efficient. This is exactly what we offer for MiFID II."

In addition to offering the MiFID II directive, which is currently the focus of the JobRouter Group, there are also information and solutions for other directives such as MiFIR, EMIR, and MAD II.

The advantages of the network approach:

• One system for all regulatory reports • Collaboration with trustworthy providers and proven products • Ability to send transaction reports in any standard format, without any middleware • All management information on a central dashboard • Define different access levels for individuals or groups and optimize workflows

While the detailed specifications of the MiFID II regulations are still unclear, mandatory transaction reporting is scheduled for January 2018. Therefore, there is not much time left to find an agile and stable solution, which, on one hand, adapts to the organisational structure and, on the other hand, implements compliance and transparency requirements extremely quickly. Therefore, it is particularly important to revert to the competences of proven providers, - like the ones the UnaVista Partner Programme network unites.

For more information, please contact:
Ivana Pejanovic
JobRouter AG
+49 621 42646 245
Besselstr. 26
68219 Mannheim

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