Linx Accelerates Low Code Adoption and Optimization With Enhanced Offerings for Amazon Web Services

Anthony Morris from Linx
11 Dec 2018

Low code IDE introduces new suite of AWS Plugins allowing for frictionless access between AWS services, cloud applications, databases and systems.


Linx, a leading low code software tool for the design and automation of backend IT tasks, has launched its latest version which includes new a range of plugins for Amazon Web Services.

The new version extends the platform’s ability to serve IT professionals who wish to automate IT processes quickly, including the integration of systems, APIs, web services and databases without the need for complicated programming.

The new plugins make AWS APIs accessible with low code application development, enabling IT teams to quickly connect, configure and deploy AWS services with the rest of their technology stack. The new plugins include the most popular Amazon services such as Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES), Amazon Simple Storage (Amazon S3), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS), Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) and AWS CloudTrail.

"Linx and its drag-and-drop methodology offers IT professionals the power of assembling complex automation tasks without writing a single line of code," said Gawie Yssel, CTO of Linx.
Our customers find that they can develop and maintain automated tasks faster than ever before. We see this update as an effective enabler to reduce development time for IT teams and businesses who are adopting AWS services."

Yssel explains “Thanks to tight integrations with AWS, Linx gives you an easy way to manage the complexities of working with the AWS API to intelligently design, deploy and manage a dynamic infrastructure, including databases, applications and legacy systems. This allows the user to focus on the businesses process rather than be tied down in the development grind of API code.”

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Learn more about the latest release of Linx visit For more details about Linx and its AWS offering, visit

ABOUT LINX Developed by Twenty57, a leading provider of investment and financial software, Linx is a comprehensive integration and business process automation tool with a wide range of connectors to external systems. ​Designed to reduce development time and costs, IT professionals use Linx to create, integrate and automate business applications, ranging from simple to highly complex, without the need for programming. For more information, visit or

For more information, please contact:
Anthony Morris
023 0465 5468
3rd Floor, KPMG Building, Cyber City
72201 Ebene

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