Ibinex Introduces Transparency While Reducing Gaps between Crypto Exchanges and Traders

Simon Grunfeld from Ibinex
02 Oct 2018

Recently, Simon Grunfeld, CEO at Ibinex has expressed his remarks about the increasing security issues in the field of cryptocurrency exchange. He was talking to a business forum addressing the problems and issues present in this sector. According to Simon, the only solution to make cryptocurrency exchange an attractive investment sector for the traders is to introduce novel transparency approaches. He also said, "Ibinex is delighted to bring considerable options to make trades and exchanges easy during financial interactions."

Simon added that there is a need to focus on licensed platforms. Traders interested in carrying all business or financial activities in a safe route should consider the regulations, affiliations, and licenses. He claimed that Ibinex is among the top platforms supporting exchanges to get a virtual exchange license. This platform provides licensed and fully compliant cryptocurrency exchange and account. Whether investors buy Bitcoins or other FIAT currencies, they can easily hold the rights to manage their financial decisions.

Special fund security: As the funds are present in the accounts of a digital trader, they need more protection. These funds are kept in digital forms, so it is easier for the hackers to hack the exchanges and transfer the funds. Multiple cases are reported in the history of cryptocurrency exchange. This makes the significance of fund security more prominent. It would be necessary to search the cryptocurrency exchanges having a foolproof security system. The cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms should also upgrade the security features with the passage of time. Simon considered it necessary for the fund security and explained how Ibinex is doing it.

Implementation of Modern Technologies: While talking about the latest technologies and their implementation in the cryptocurrency exchanges, Simon added that Ibinex is using top-rated options. "For us, it is essential to make things simpler for traders. We are using modern encryption systems for this purpose. Our users are free from the threats such as weak links," he further explained. Presence of weak links is one of the highest security issues of the digital currency exchanges. No doubt, significant efforts have been made, but hackers are also updating their techniques. This has created a need to continuously monitor the encryption and technologies being used for various purposes such as cryptocurrency exchange, transfers, and handling.

Latest SSL techniques: According to Simon, Ibinex is a valuable platform delivering the most authentic SSL secure system. This platform is playing a prominent role to bring exchanges and traders close. This platform aims to create a high level of trust between exchanges and traders. Thus, it is time to update the SSL features to protect traders from threats. It is no longer challenging to implement the SSL security features as there are several enterprises ready to review the security breaches and leaks. They also present feasible solutions for the management.

For more information, please contact:
Simon Grunfeld
+1 (516) 874-4253
315 W 36th St
10018 New York

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