Fintech “Oper” stirrs up the Swiss mortgage market with new product launch.

Oliver Allmoslechner from Oper by 0smosis Venture Studio
01 Jun 2019

Zürich/Antwerp, June 2019

On May 24th the Belgian-based startup 0per launched its smart lending solution in the Swiss market. The product release was presented the F10 Demo Day in the SIX convention center in Zürich and concurs with Oper’s successful graduation from the renowned F10 Fintech accelerator.

The rapid pace of technological change has put vast pressure on the financial industry in recent years. “Especially tier-2 banks and other lenders are encountering drastic challenges in their credit offerings through more digital customer expectations and increased operating costs,” explains Geert Van Kerckhoven, CEO of Oper.

Oper – also referred to as “The Shopify for mortgages” – provides an innovative, modular – Lego-like – software solution for mortgage providers. It plugs seamlessly into existing core banking infrastructure and allows banks to close mortgages from first customer contact to contract in a digital-first way.

“Oper helps lenders to digitize their mortgage processes in a holistic way. This is enabled through Oper’s fintech modules, which includes the actual loan request, KYC checks, scoring, profiling, automated proof verification, etc... We aim to make financial institutions future-proof in their mortgage offerings backed by state-of-the-art technology without the need of developing software in-house or changing their internal IT landscape,” summarizes Geert Van Kerckhoven.

The use of digital tools to support lenders’ mortgage processes drastically improves their performance. Customer research done at Oper clients has shown that lenders are able to increase loan officer efficiency by 40%, while their conversion rates can improve by 20% due to an overall enhanced customer experience.

“Backed by a strong partner network in the DACH region, our solution will be available as of now in Switzerland, aiming to enter the Austrian and German markets as logical next steps in the coming months,” states Geert van Kerckhoven.

About Oper Oper was founded in Summer 2018 by the Antwerpian venture studio 0smosis. Since May it operates as separate entity, managed by the three founders Geert Van Kerckhoven (CEO), Wouter Lachat (CPO) and Nick Van Berckelaer (CTO). Currently, eight people are working full-time on Oper. The focus for the coming months will lie on tackling the DACH region, which started with Oper’s opening of an office in Zürich.

“Our vision is clear – we want to change the mortgage market for good. Making it easier for lenders to originate and manage credits, while making the process more customer friendly. The learnings from the program resulted in a better product and a deep understanding of the market,” Van Kerckhoven summarizes.

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