Fintech Entrepreneur Lloyd Wahed interviews Joe Parkin, Head Of UK Banks and Digital Channels at BlackRock on Searching for Mana podcast

Lloyd Wahed from Mana Search
02 Jul 2020

“We’re working on delivering sustainable visions of existing investment propositions, or just integrating sustainability throughout their entire proposition.” - Joe Parkin on Searching for Mana podcast

London-born entrepreneur and headhunter, Lloyd Wahed hosts Searching For Mana, a progressive podcast celebrating leaders and founders in the tech and finance space.

On 7th July Lloyd will welcome Joe Parkin, head of UK Banks and Digital Channels at BlackRock to the podcast who advises clients on ESG investing. With an appetite for learning, challenging and finding solutions, Joe says on the podcast - “The whole industry is on a journey and we believe ESG and sustainable metrics will become a significant part in investment considerations moving forward. It's the most topical conversation that comes up with our clients and we’re working on delivering sustainable visions of their existing investment propositions, or just integrating sustainability throughout their entire proposition.”

As we move into a future of finance, Joe believes our incentives are becoming more aligned with sustainability and investing in causes that matter. This is particularly evident in millennials.

The positive effect we’ve seen come from Covid-19 is that emerging from this crisis, inclusion and financial wellbeing has never been more important. We’re at a point where people are starting to look to get their finances in order for better financial futures, reinventing wealth management in 2020.

Summing up his drive; Joe tells Lloyd about his mission is to help financially educate and excite the average, “normal” person who may be saving for education, marriage, or just their pension but might not know the ins and outs of stocks and investing. Speaking personally, Joe comments - "If my legacy is that there is a more financially educated population, to get to the millions of people who currently don't have any access to guidance or advice in the UK and get to a stage where people have better financial wellbeing, that would make me very happy".

The FinTech landscape is constantly developing with mainstream, seamless and inventive platforms that are available at our fingertips. These new tools encourage people to take control of their finances, as well as making investing more accessible to the general population than ever before. Joe explains "Three years ago, it used to be like a 12 year old school disco with the established [firms] on one side of the room and the FinTechs on the other side of the room and slowly they've been mingling."

Searching for Mana is available on Apple,Spotify and all major podcast platforms.

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