Fimatix and Agilesphere Announce Merger Creating a Leading Govtech and Fintech Business

Fran O'Leary from Lodestone Communications
09 Apr 2020

Agilesphere and Fimatix are today (9 April 2020) announcing their merger. By combining their complementary expertise, this move will create a leading Govtech and Fintech business: Agilesphere, a Fimatix Group company. The purpose of the combined entity will be to enhance the productivity of business and governments to the benefit of economies, communities and people around the world.

Agilesphere has agile and government digital delivery experience and capability, while Fimatix delivers digital products and services across a range of industries including financial services and leisure. With a team of over 150 staff, partners and associates, the combined entity will have a strong foundation from which it will offer services at scale. At a time when there is major consolidation within the consultancy sector, this operating platform will enable scalability for the merged entity and for future acquisitions.

The senior management team of the combined entity will include Stephen O’Sullivan, Paul James, Hugh Ivory and Jeremy Renwick. Drawing on the extensive C-suite experience of the combined senior management team the company will provide broad expertise on agile consulting and training, AI enabled solutions, blockchain, data analytics, back-office processes, transformation and major outsourcing programmes.

It is more important now than ever to create innovative solutions to the challenges faced by society and together, we will play our part.

Commenting on the merger, Jeremy Renwick, Managing Director - Public Sector said: “We’re delighted to announce the merger with the excellent team at Fimatix. It is more important now than ever to create innovative solutions to the challenges faced by society. By working together we will be able to do just this, offering a broader range of services. This move is a positive step for Agilesphere, Fimatix, our partners, clients and team.”

Hugh Ivory, Managing Director - Operations and Governance added: “This merger will provide us with the additional knowledge, experience and financial strength to allow us to flourish in increasingly challenging markets, enabling us to bring new insights to our partners and clients, to the benefit of all. We’re pleased to have the opportunity to work closely with Fimatix as we take this next step on our journey.”

Stephen O’Sullivan, Executive Chairman and Co-founder of Fimatix, commented: “We are living in a time when business and society needs next generation innovation to tackle the challenges we face. By combining forces, we will support business and governments to the benefit of economies, communities and people around the world.”

Paul James, Co-founder of Fimatix added: “This move will provide a strong foundation from which we can support more organisations, delivering services at scale. We intend to expand into Europe and Africa soon, supporting more businesses and public sector services as they face major changes in these dynamic times.”

Agilesphere has a track record of supporting a wide range of organisations including the Ministry of Justice, the Department for Work and Pensions and Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government and the Department for Work and Pensions. Fimatix has supported major banks and e-money fintech challengers within the financial services sector and businesses in the leisure industry.

At this challenging time for the countries across the globe, the need for new solutions and innovation is growing. For example, we are assisting HMCTS to accelerate the delivery of Video Hearings in courts, in addition to facilitating online and remote working in other Government departments

For further information: Please contact Fran O’Leary, Director at Lodestone: 07980582254

Notes to Editors:

  1. About Agilesphere We're experienced agile practitioners and transformation specialists. ▪ Agile at all scales: If you’re planning a new, large scale programme or change portfolio, we can lead and support you to put in place an effective, delivery approach firmly based on agile principles. ▪ Agile training: We’ll train and coach you and your team to understand and implement agile in practical working environments. ▪ Digital delivery: Our team of experts will work collaboratively with you to build digital services. ▪ Agile coaching: We’ve coached board members, leadership teams, programmes, portfolio and delivery teams comprising hundreds of people. ▪ Business transformation: We’ll help transform your organisation to be leaner and more effective while building services and products that truly meet your users’ needs.

  2. About Fimatix Fimatix is a leading Financial Services Consultancy. We build banks and e-money fintech challengers from scratch and have been through the regulatory process with the FCA and PRA. We know what it takes to disrupt in this sector, and how to take advantage of regulations including PSD2 with all its possibilities or threats. We also offer unique products and services in automation in financial services operations, where we have the market leading product Opsmatix. We have world first expertise in delivering Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Blockchain plus extensive agile software delivery, AI and Cloud in leading global financial services companies.

For more information, please contact:
Fran O'Leary
Lodestone Communications
Lodestone Communications, 68 Hanbury Street
E1 5JL London
United Kingdom

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