Evergreen Gavekal Announces Launch Of Millennial Investment Brand Evervestment

Rudi Davis from Rudy Corp
04 Nov 2019

Evergreen Gavekal today announces the launch of its new investment brand: Evervestment. The new investment service is aimed at bridging the market gap between robo-advisors and traditional investment companies. It accomplishes this by coupling the ease of digital onboarding with experienced human investment managers.

With Evervestment (www.evervestment.com), investors can open an account by investing between $75k to $500k. The onboarding process is completely digital and can be completed in 10 minutes. Once registered, investors are given the option to select a professionally designed investment portfolio that suits their requirements. These include Everglobal, which invests in global markets, and Evercare, which invests in businesses committed to social and environmentally responsible pursuits. The annual management fee for both portfolios is 0.75%.

The robo-advisor market has grown rapidly in the US, with assets under management at $749 billion, and an expected annual growth rate of 18.7% up to 2023. While they’ve opened up access for smaller private investors, they have also attracted criticism. Reported issues have included less than straightforward fee structures, and their limited approach to risk appetite assessments and financial planning.

This is where Evervestment hopes to provide an effective alternative. Its simple digital onboarding paired with custom portfolio management is an ideal combo for investors who lack the capital to invest with traditional fund managers, or those who prefer human oversight for their investments. And since the platform is backed by Evergreen Gavekal, it comes with over 40 years of investment experience.

“When looking to enter the digital investment space, many millenials and other sub-million dollar investors often feel that their only option is robo-advisors. While these platforms have been great for unlocking investing to a much wider audience, they may not be best for everyone” said Adam Hay, Vice President of Brand Development, Evervestment.

“This is where we can help. Evervestment provides easy access to a dynamic, cost effective investment strategy that’s managed by human experts - not an algorithm that arbitrarily rebalances the portfolio based on a calendar.”

ABOUT EVERVESTMENT Evervestment is opening up portfolios to clients who don’t have millions of dollars. We think that the ease of digital onboarding paired with custom portfolio management - all backed by over 40 years of investment experience - makes us the ideal alternative to robo-advisors. And, thanks to advances in the digital investing space, Evervestment now provides access to this streamlined investment approach for anyone looking to invest $75k-500k.

ABOUT EVERGREEN GAVEKAL Evergreen Gavekal is an independent registered investment advisor (RIA) serving high-net-worth individuals, families, and endowments. Since 1983, one key directive has guided how we operate: the unwavering commitment to our clients and their investments. Our strategic array of financial services provides a wide spectrum of investment solutions to tackle today’s increasingly complex global markets.

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