Echofin Launches New, Innovative Platform Version

Marketing from Echofin Inc.
23 Mar 2020

Echofin announces the launch of its revamped trader's communication and collaboration platform, incorporating a bevy of new, useful features.

New York, March 23, 2020. The world's premier communication and collaboration platform for Financial teams, Echofin, has put its centerpiece through a major overhaul, adding a plethora of new features and layout modes.

According to Echofin's Chief Operations Officer, Kris Leonidou, the overhaul resulted in an entirely new platform that does not just offer its users much more in the way of features, but is faster and performs better as well. The new platform is a natural evolution of Echofin's already successful and appreciated chat/group trading solution.

Mr. Leonidou touted many Echofin improvements.

• The user interface now supports several team chatrooms on the screen at the same time. Users can keep their eyes on analysis, charts, and various widgets, as they chat away with their trading teams. • Echofin now supports a powerful file uploader with on-the-fly audio/video recording with direct integration with Google Drive and Dropbox. • Team owners can fine-tune permissions right down to the individual team member. • Users can share content from Tradingview, including chart analysis and trading ideas.

"This is just a small taste of the capabilities of the new Echofin platform. The tip of the iceberg" - said Mr. Leonidou.

The new features and improvements are the results of feedback derived from users over the last couple of years. As such, they all fill real needs and effectively improve user productivity.

"Echofin has always offered more to traders that any other communication platform, dedicated or otherwise" - said Echofin CEO George Lipordezis. "This new platform solidifies our market-leading position".

About Echofin: Echofin is a second-generation trading-focused online communication platform. Its services include direct chat, interactive content-sharing, scores of supported widgets and live video/audio streaming. One of Echofin's strengths is the fact that it lets team owners manage and monetize their trading chat rooms. In its latest version, the platform has introduced customization and branding options as well.

For more information, please contact:
Echofin Inc.
509 Madison Avenue
10022 New York

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