Irina Fedorenko from Earthbanc
31 May 2020

Earthbanc, the world’s first green digital banking and investment platform with a high yield green bond, has graduated from The Central Bank of Lithuania’s LBChain project. Earthbanc is one of only five fintechs from five different countries to complete the three testing stages and graduate from the unique blockchain-based sandbox that enables fintech companies to test innovative solutions in a Central Bank supervised environment.

Tom Duncan, Earthbanc CEO, spoke about the testing experience: “Interfacing directly with the Central Bank blockchain showed us that Earthbanc can provide payment processing that automates the payment verification for banks. This could be very interesting in a time when banks are looking to down-scale staff and automate reporting.”

Earthbanc had to issue and transfer digital green bonds on the Central Bank blockchain (LBChain), ensuring cryptographic security of the digital assets, in order to demonstrate their ‘battle-tested’ status.

This demonstration of secure digital green bond issuance and secondary trading on the Central Bank blockchain within the Earthbanc platform, has drawn the attention of investment banks who are keen to provide Earthbanc with an agent license to offer securities, bonds and ETF investments all over Europe and the UK.

This is a strong validation to early stage investors in Earthbanc that the venture will hit the ground running once they acquire their licenses. Earthbanc has already secured VC investments from US based titans of impact and finance, in addition to Family Offices that are excited by Earthbanc’s green ‘Grow Bond’ with its yield of 6% APR in 2019.

Graduating from the Central Bank Sandbox helps fast track the acquisition of an Electronic Money Institution license (EMI), as was the case with Revolut (10M users) and Google (100M downloads), who also secured their EMI licenses from the Central Bank of Lithuania.

Live Platform Demonstration During the livestream event Earthbanc CEO, Tom Duncan, has demonstrated the Earthbanc platform to investment banks and investors, including how to issue and trade a digital green bond in a secondary marketplace within Earthbanc, that can also be traded on regular exchanges globally.

Tom also shared his insights about the future of green finance, Europe’s pandemic recovery being a green €1 trillion+ package, and the steady growth opportunities available during these turbulent times.

Watch the video of the live stream here:

Earthbanc Earthbanc provides a scalable and digital green banking and investment platform, including a data-driven one-stop shop for carbon markets, directly connecting investors and project participants globally. In 2019, investments via Earthbanc delivered a 6% yield whilst monetising the carbon from 750,000 trees. The company recently launched and reached 23,000 active daily users in emerging markets via its innovative B2B2C model. Earthbanc combines deep tech, automated satellite and remote sensing to enable payments for ecosystem services and provide a return on investment for microfinance and green projects.

For more information about Earthbanc, to subscribe to their mailing list, or join their crowdfunding waitlist:

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