Canadian Mortgage Broker Match-Making Platform Mortgage Sandbox is Growing

David Stroud from Mortgage Sandbox Advisor Inc.
09 Mar 2020

Mortgage Sandbox, a Canadian Realtor and Mortgage Broker Match-Making Platform, initially launched its free Match-Making app in Vancouver and Toronto, and it is now expanding to Calgary and Ottawa.

“We combine the theories behind eHarmony and Tinder to match Canadians with a Realtor and Mortgage Broker. You answer 10 simple questions and get introduced to real estate professionals who are predisposed to work well with you.

Our easy-to-use app connects you with local, pre-screened Realtors and Mortgage Brokers, who share your interests, values, and have a complementary work style.

We believe aligned values lead to better working relationships and improved client experience.

Many companies try to train their professionals to flex to their client’s working style, but we think it’s much easier and more genuine to simply match customers with professionals who share complementary ways of working.”

~ David Stroud, Founder of Mortgage Sandbox

Mortgage Sandbox believes that Canadians want to work with and give business to people who share and understand their interests and priorities, and are easy to work with.

Home buying can take over five months from beginning to end, and it is the largest and most complex financial transaction a Canadian will complete. With our Match Finder app, homebuyers now have an opportunity to find a home with help from professionals with whom they are predisposed to work well.

Match Finder begins with a ten-question eHarmony-like questionnaire. The answers are compared to our database of pre-screened, trusted, local professionals, and then Match Finder presents you with the three matches we believe can best anticipate your unique needs. Finally, like Tinder, you can review their professional profiles and choose who you would like to work with.

Match Finder is FREE, and it was designed to help increase the likelihood that the experience of financing, buying, or selling a home will run smoothly for everyone involved. Mortgage Sandbox also provides interest rate and real estate forecasts and has a market-leading home buying calculator. The forecasts, guides, and tools are part of Mortgage Sandbox’s ongoing commitment to build a complete homeownership advice platform on the market.

Visit for more information.

For more information, please contact:
David Stroud
Mortgage Sandbox Advisor Inc.
#324 - 5525 West Boulevard
V6M 3W6 Vancouver

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