Bye Bye Bitcoin ATM. Hello ADM

Richard Groen from ADM Ecosystems LLC
20 Jun 2018

At the World Blockchain Forum in New York, ADM Ecosystems LLC announced their new patent pending invention to get blockchain based / operated services to the general public where Puerto Rico will be first the testing grounds of this evolved ATM Machine.

Decentralized Applications Bitcoin ATM’s facilitate an easy entry point for people to buy and sell Bitcoin with the convenience of a certified machine they all know how to use. Blockchain based applications are being developed by many projects all with their specific use case but access to them for the general public is difficult or currently non-existent.

ADM Ecosystems LLC ( will be launching Automated Decentralized Machine (ADM) in 2019 to provide decentralized public access to location based decentralized applications. Connecting the ADM, I/O Coin (IOC) Blockchain and Chameleon framework together will create a full service decentralised economy based around Blockchain. The ADM Ecosystem will give Blockchain services and adoption a great boost.

“ADM Ecosystems LLC is providing location based decentralized Apps serviced on fully equipped ADM terminals, mobile and web connected to the a decentralized Blockchain, to store, send data and value transfers in or through a decentralized blockchain network ”

The terminal itself is equipped with several authentication methods like fingerprint, chip card, pin code and even IRIS scan. To facilitate the applications the machine is also equipped with USB entry, A4/letter scanner and printer. The interfacing, design and usability are already designed by the ADM team and registered at BeNeLux intellectual property office i-depot 109240 / 111813 and provisional patent at US patent office.

The ADM can provide for location based services. Decentralized application providers will be able to choose in which country, region, district or even specific ADM terminal their Dapp should be made available. This gives the ADM a very versatile and unique use case. Some examples of ADM DAPP features;

● Upload a document and sign it for ownership ● Print a proof of ownership document of any file ● Make (international) payments ● Convert FIAT to Cryptocurrency vice versa ● Setup contracts and agreements and pay them ● Cast your vote (after identifying) on terminal (or mini ADM terminal) ● Notary services ● Insurance services ● Voting services ● Ticketing services

First launch and launching partner The first Beta launch is planned to be conducted in Puerto Rico for 2019, on a small scale in order to ensure usability, scalability and security. I/O Digital Foundation is proud to be a launching partner of the ADM Ecosystem LLC and facilitating cooperation between the I/O Coin community and the ADM ecosystem with their data capable Blockchain technology.

More info about the ADM can be found on

For more information, please contact:
Richard Groen
ADM Ecosystems LLC
+31 (0) 853 011 010

San Juan
Puerto Rico

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