Borrowize Launches Enhanced Loan Comparison Website With Suite of Upgraded Tools & Educational Resources!

Brianna Douzoglou from Borrowize Co.
17 Apr 0012

Borrowize Co., a Los Angeles-based consumer finance platform dedicated to helping people save money by making educated borrowing decisions, is excited to announce the launch their completely reimagined online loan comparison website, Borrowize connects borrowers to a vetted network of trustworthy, innovative, and non-predatory personal and student lending partners. Aside from the loan comparison feature, the website also offers a suite of free personal and student loan calculators, a proprietary “WizeScore” lender rating system, educational guides, as well as expert tips and reviews.

“When I graduated law school, I realized that I was not prepared to tackle the complexity of understanding and managing my student debt, and that a majority of my friends felt the same way,” says Brianna Douzoglou, Co-Founder of Borrowize, who refinanced her own student debt through the website, saving her almost $15,000 in interest.

“Millions of Americans rely on personal loans each year to cover unforeseen expenses, or on student loans to pursue a higher education,” says Federico Douzoglou, CEO & Co-Founder of Borrowize. “Unfortunately, too many of those borrowers end up with harmful, predatory, high-cost loans, often because they simply don’t know their options or because the recent recession’s lingering impact has made it increasingly difficult for regular, hard-working, middle-class American consumers to qualify for traditional bank loans.” Borrowize aims to be the go-to resource for trustworthy loan alternatives and hopes that by also offering practical financial education and resources, borrowers will be able to make smarter borrowing decisions, with peace of mind.

About Borrowize Co. Borrowize combines its simple loan search platform with educational tools to help users borrow wisely. Borrowize was founded by husband-and-wife team, Brianna and Federico Douzoglou, who used their years of experience in finance and law to create a more common-sense approach to borrowing, after spending countless hours researching lenders and working through their own repayment schedule and options.

For additional information or press inquiries please visit or contact us at: Media & Press Contact Brianna Douzoglou (310) 734-3520

For more information, please contact:
Brianna Douzoglou
Borrowize Co.
(310) 734-3520
9350 Wilshire Blvd.
90212 Los Angeles

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