Bookmap and Devexperts Announce the Launch of Bookmap Version 7, an Innovative Visualization and Trading Platform

Elena from Devexperts
31 Jan 2018

Bookmap, an innovative visualization and trading platform for US Equities, Futures and digital currencies and Devexperts, developers of retail and institutional trading platforms and providers of cloud-based financial data infrastructure are proud to announce the release of Bookmap version 7.

Munich, Germany, January 31, 2018 – Bookmap and Devexperts are proud to announce the release of Bookmap version 7, a financial visualization and trading platform. Bookmap’s data visualization offers complete depth of market transparency. The platform’s heatmap allows traders to monitor the auction, observe and interpret the evolution of the order book, the market microstructure and the volume traded with amazing clarity. With the power to execute trades directly from the chart, Bookmap is the first independent software vendor (ISV) enabling to trade Futures, Stocks and Digital currencies simultaneously. In addition, Bookmap also includes advanced order flow analytics, indicators, and automated strategies.

With Bookmap v7 traders can now benefit from:

  • A unique approach to visualizing the dynamic in the order book on the fly, further enhanced with a new colored heatmap supporting a wider color range.
  • Trade stocks with fast action directly from the chart. It is now possible to trade stocks on Interactive Brokers while connecting via Devexperts to Nasdaq TotalView full market depth data.
  • Access to crucial price information by comparing the current and historical liquidity in the market. This became available with the support of historical market depth data for any instrument subscription. Devexperts launched a unique dxFeed orderbook charting service for Bookmap, specially designed to minimize bandwidth requirements for heavy FOD data delivery used for visualization.
  • Enhanced trading opportunities in multiple security types. Added connectivity and trading to the GDAX exchange, enabling the trade of Digital Currencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium.

Eugene Kuznetsov, Product Manager, Devexperts, said: “At Devexperts we’re passionate about investigating new ideas and transforming them into innovative software products that are built on Devexperts technologies. We have applied our experience in historical data aggregation technologies to provide a unique orderbook charting service for its visualization in Bookmap 7. Historical depth data has never been so accessible. Together with Bookmap we now have an amazing solution which leads a new era in charting software and sets new standards for market data visualization.”

“In Bookmap 7 we have incorporated several innovative features, and addressed many requests from our users, such as access to historical depth data”, stated Tsachi Galanos, Bookmap CEO. “Together with the high-quality market data provided by Devexperts, Bookmap offers excellent value to all traders at an affordable price.”

Mr. Galanos’ comments echo the trend in recent years where more professional traders demand precise high-quality data visualization. The combination of Devexperts’ data with Bookmap’s visualization meet the demand of these traders and offer them competitive trading advantages.

About Bookmap Bookmap is an innovative data visualization and trading platform, which visualizes order book using a colored heatmap. Bookmap provides traders an enhanced ability to assess the liquidity at different price levels, detect order book & flow patterns and analyze the market microstructure. Bookmap can be used in real time for analysis, fast execution and monitoring or in offline mode for debriefing and development of new strategies. Bookmap displays every tick in the order book and allows zooming in to the highest possible resolution to analyze a single trade or order changes.

For more information please visit: Bookmap at Devexperts at

About Devexperts Headquartered in Munich, Germany, Devexperts was founded in 2002 and specializes in the development of highly sophisticated software solutions and services for the global Capital Markets industry. Our clients are retail and institutional brokerage houses, exchanges and buy-side firms. We have over 200 engineers in offices in North America, Europe and Asia. The high performance, scalability and integration capabilities of our products and services, along with 24x7 monitoring and support, result in some of the global financial industry’s most recognized and reliable technology applications (e.g. the thinkorswim platform). Millions of people trade daily through the use of Devexperts technology. The data solutions from Devexperts are marketed under dxFeed brand and include direct low-latency normalized data feeds and value-added services like AR/VR data visualization, deep learning, market analysis, surveillance, historical data and market replay.

For more information please visit:

Contacts Devexperts Alex Kariagin, CMO +1 (773) 570-8155

Bookmap Tsachi Galanos, CEO

For more information, please contact:
+49 (89 26) 20 77 300
Riesstrasse 18
80992 Munich

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