BITMONDS.COM introduces the concept of a Full Digital Luxury Item, a 3D diamond generated by users. Giftable, tradable and soon wearable. Registered on Blockchain without the need of cryptocurrencies for end users

Bitmonds press from Vanilla Rocket SRL
04 Mar 2019

Milan, March 3rd 2019 – Italian startup Vanilla Rocket recently launched project introduces the concept of a Full Digital Luxury Item based on Blockchain, without the need of cryptocurrencies for the end user. The results after a few days? 3000 digital diamonds generated and 600 registered active users.

The collecting market has proved to be one of the most stable over the years. Just think of the shirt of Babe Ruth paid 4.4 million dollars or the fact that there are investment funds entirely dedicated to the sector. It's a market where business opportunities are huge, why the law of supply and demand exceeds the intrinsic value of an asset. Collecting is part of human nature, combines the sense of belonging to a tribe, in which however exclusivity is sought. Lately some parts of this market are heading towards digital to talk to the new generations. Also Major League Baseball has recently licensed to bring the most famous digital figures in the world on Blockchain technology. Why? Because it guarantees authenticity, true scarcity and transaction security. All fundamental elements for a collector.

In this context, Vanilla Rocket launches High-definition 3D digital diamonds with which the user can interact through their devices. Unique objects generated by the user whose designs are defined by registration data and property is registered on Blockchain. For this aspect they are all different, like users who generate them. Every Bitmonds has a certificate with features similare to physical diamonds like colorscale and crown thickness. It’s also possible to give them away to a special person or trade them on marketplace exploiting the fact that value grows over time like every traditional luxury item. It will soon be possible to wear them on a smartwatch or smartphone, as a digital part of clothing outfit.

“With project, we are aiming to introduce two elements of innovation. First of all the concept of Digital Luxury Item. It will be normal to wear a Bitmonds on a smartwatch or on dedicated devices like a jewel. Also Luxury becomes digital now. Then, we intend to demonstrate with our platform that the blockchain can enter people's daily lives without the obligation to possess cryptocurrencies. Today we use it for a digital collectible project, but our platform can easily be used for concert tickets, access to museums or public transport passes. The security of the blockchain, with flexibility of physical currencies. And with highly scalable performance, thanks to a multiwallet technology of our invention. It is comparable to what is happening in the car world. First hybrid and in the medium term full electric. Great changes work like this.” Norberto Rossi, CEO Vanilla Rocket Srl

For more information, please contact:
Bitmonds press
Vanilla Rocket SRL
+39 3920500013
Via Aldo Moro 19
20060 Bussero

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