BitBucks goes live! Bitcoin payments to phone numbers within seconds

Frank Meier from FUF // Frank und Freunde GmbH
04 Sep 2019

Finally the BitBucks app is going live on mainnet. Payments are the key for the adoption of Bitcoin in everyday life and BitBucks makes this possible in a completely new and innovative way. Simply pay with bitcoin by using the phone number of the payee - and all that within seconds. Get the BitBucks app on iOS now!

Why BitBucks?

The BitBucks vision aims to integrate Bitcoin as a simple means of payment in everyday life. Paying with the BitBucks app is both simple and innovative: Users just have to charge their BitBucks account with Bitcoins and then send the desired amount to the phone number of a friend or business partner. Even if they do not have the BitBucks wallet yet, the payment will be made immediately. After registration, the recipient will receive the corresponding bitcoin amount immediately.

Technical difficulties? Not with BitBucks

What makes BitBucks so special? First of all, every payment within the app can be calculated in your desired currency. BitBucks supports nearly every monetary system around the world. All transactions within the app are offchain and in bitcoin. This keeps the blockchain free from microtransactions, which ultimately helps Bitcoin to stay decentralized. In order to provide the greatest possible security for payments, the work has been intensified on building up a secure infrastructure. By using multi-signature addresses, the coins of the users are safely stored in "cold storage". This makes an unauthorized stealing of Bitcoin impossible.

BitBucks enables Bitcoin payments for everyone

BitBucks is designed to ensure that Bitcoin is truly accessible to everyone. A payment tool for everyday use, no matter where, no matter what - users only need access to the Internet, a valid phone number and the BitBucks wallet - that’s how easy it can be for people around the world to pay with bitcoin. BitBucks is for everyone! From now on, the live app is available in the iOS App Store. Be ready and start using swift, secure and simple Bitcoin payments with BitBucks. The future begins now!

For more informations about the BitBucks vision, digital payments and recent developments all around Bitcoin, check out the Website on!

For more information, please contact:
Frank Meier
FUF // Frank und Freunde GmbH
Silberburgstraße 119 A
70176 Stuttgart

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