Award-winning investment house Killik & Co chooses CREALOGIX Invest to continue innovating digital investor services

George Baily from CREALOGIX UK
12 Dec 2019

Killik & Co, the independently owned investment house, continues innovating its investor self-service systems using the digital engagement platform offered by CREALOGIX. The product will allow Killik & Co to unify the design and user experience of mobile and desktop digital channels, and extend functionality via product updates and third-party integrations.

CREALOGIX has provided digital investment software and IT services to Killik & Co for the past eight years. The current collaboration sees Killik & Co deploying the latest version of the software product CREALOGIX Invest. As a global specialist in financial technology, CREALOGIX offers software-as-a-service digital engagement platforms which enable wealth management firms and other financial institutions to deliver bespoke and elegantly-designed digital customer experiences. Focusing on the user experience layer, the software can interact with data from any existing systems, and can thus be leveraged by financial brands without the requirement to change their underlying back-office systems.

Killik & Co was recently recognised as “Wealth Manager of the Year” at the Financial Times & Investors Chronicle Wealth Management Awards. With a vision to make the benefits of investing available to all, the firm has been at the forefront of digitally accessible services since the earliest days of internet investing in the early 2000s. Now, in a world dominated by smartphone services, Killik & Co continues to innovate with a focus on delivering an intuitive and convenient mobile user experience for their investors.

Clem MacTaggart, Chief Operating Officer at Killik & Co, said: “Our customers value the convenience of accessing their investments 24/7 via their smartphone or computer. Increasingly, the quality of these digital channels defines investors’ perception of our overall service. The ability to design the user experience to match our brand’s high standards is an important strength of the digital wealth management product from CREALOGIX. We strongly believe that continuing to invest strategically in our technology is key to building our competitive strengths and the quality of experience for our growing customer base.”

Offering customers self-service portfolio and investment services via digital channels enables Killik & Co to give investors early access as new asset classes and investing approaches emerge in future. The software solution to be deployed by Killik & Co is CREALOGIX Invest, which is focused on delivering a flexible and extensible end customer user experience. The SaaS product can be customised and extended completely independently of underlying core banking and back-office systems. This modular solution provides financial brands with a fast time to market when updating or rolling out new digital investor products and services.

“We’re delighted to continue our long-standing and close partnership with Killik & Co, which is truly a digital leader in the private client wealth management space. We are proud to deploy our technology to support their mission of improving people’s financial well-being,” commented David Joyce, CEO at CREALOGIX UK.

About Killik & Co Killik & Co is an independently owned investment house that has been advising clients on how to save, plan and invest for 30 years. On the 30th January 1989, in what was an old Pharmacy on Cadogan Street in Chelsea, it opened the doors of its first branch. With nothing more than a handful of close friends and family to call its clients, it set out with a simple enduring belief, that it would make the benefits of investing available to all. Having since been voted Wealth Manager of the Year on more than one occasion by both its clients, and the readers of the Financial Times and Investors Chronicle, it is proven to deliver the highest standard of professional and impartial advice to its clients, helping them to achieve financial peace of mind, whatever their circumstances.

About CREALOGIX The CREALOGIX Group is a Swiss Fintech 100 company and is among the global market leaders in digital banking. CREALOGIX develops and implements innovative fintech solutions for the financial institutions of tomorrow. Using digital solutions from CREALOGIX, banks, wealth managers, and other financial institutions can better respond to evolving customer needs in the area of digital transformation, enabling them to hold their ground in a very demanding and dynamic market and remain ahead of their competitors. The group, founded in 1996, has more than 700 employees worldwide. The shares of CREALOGIX Group (CLXN) are traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

The economic projections and predictions contained in this information relate to future facts. Such projections and predictions are subject to risks, uncertainties and changes which cannot be foreseen and which are beyond the control of CREALOGIX Holding AG. CREALOGIX Holding AG is therefore not in a position to make any representations as to the accuracy of economic projections and predictions or their impact on the financial situation of CREALOGIX Holding AG or on the market in which CREALOGIX Holding AG shares and other securities are traded.

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