Satoshi United BlockChain Conference 2018 in Singapore

from Satoshi United
27 Jun 2018

On July 26 and 27, Singapore will host Satoshi United BlockChain Conference to mark the beginning of and welcome with wide open arms a great era of change and to applaud all the hard work , determination and dedication that has gone into uplifting the industry of Cryptocurrency & Blockchain.

The conference will feature tracks from 60+ speakers, workshops and ICO exhibition booths. The tracks will focus on blockchain adoption and implementation, covering all bases.

This event is a great opportunity that offers you a chance to connect with Blockchain influencers, discuss latest trends, as well as exchange ideas with the top executives of the industry.

Satoshi United is not just another conference. It's about celebrating in a unique and grand way! It is a carefully planned event, adopting innovative ideas to make it a fun and an engaging way of connecting with the appropriate people of the Cryptocurrency industry.

The events planned are as follows: Conference gatherings, Investor Roundtable Dinner-A carefully selected group of top 20 investors ranging from Venture Capitalist to Investors will be a part of it, organised to build relations with each other.

Unconference Gatherings

Private Yacht Party – A chance to spend time with top notches of the industry and to sail with the networking world.

Poolside Chats -An Opportunity to sip wine and swim through an ocean of investment in the blockchain world.

Private Club Party - Hop on to pop some champagne with your potential investors or mentors at a club night in Singapore

Another most exciting element of the event: Pitcher perfect/ Awards night- An attempt to encourage and applaud the ones who are striving hard and investing their energies into this industry. The pitches will have the potential to grand prizes worth $150,000 in total .

The Golden pitch - Get 7 minutes on stage to pitch your idea in front of 5 judges and over 300+ attendees, 3 paid awards categories prizes worth 150,000 in prizes, 6 more awards which won't be monetary.

The Awards nights would be covered by international press and big shot blockchain influencers. The Judges will be ICO bench-experts, Private investors and Influential leaders of the industry. For information on the event, online programming and the most up-to-date news pertaining to the event, Please visit :

For more information, please contact:

Satoshi United

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