London to Host Major Cryptocurrency Event: Blockchain International Show London

Yuliia Leschenko from BIS London
26 Apr 2018

On June 6-7, London will see Blockchain International Show, major large-scale cryptocurrency event in Europe.

What is waiting for you?

• two days of experts’ presentations and major corporations’ developments;
• 60 speakers from all over the world;
• 100 exhibitors;
• 2000 participants.

The event will be held for two days and will consist of two parallel sections, one dedicated to financial and regulatory questions, and another – to developments, tokenization, and ICOs.

Top-level experts from all around the world will provide their presentations in two conference halls turning the event into a two-day journey full of mesmerizing discoveries. Speakers will give presentations on the topical issues concerning the technology in general as well as on details within the industry. Highly interactive panel discussions based on case studies will provide real-world options for technology implementation, and explain ways of building communities and profitable partnerships in the emerging blockchain field. You will find out which industries can profit most from the implementation of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and which are set to be disrupted.


• Sally Eaves – Emergent Technology CTO, Global Strategy Advisor – FinTech, Blockchain AI, Forbes Technology Council;
• Michael Mainelli – Executive Chairman at Z/Yen Group;
• Spiros Margaris – Influencer and Venture Capitalist, Senior Advisor at Arbidex;
• Iman Multaq – CEO at Sigma Investments;
• Kambiz Djafari – CEO and Co-Founder at;
• Jan Sammut – CEO at RefToken & Blockchain & cryptocurrency investor and ICO advisor;
• Jimmy Nguyen – Chief Executive Officer, nChain Group;
• Bogdan Malesa – Founder of Universal Crypto;
• Arnab Naskar – CEO SICOS (LUX) S.C.S.;
• Lex Sokolin – Global Director Fintech Strategy & Partner at Autonomous Research;
• Richard Kastelein – Co-Founder at Cryptoassets Design Group.

Speaker list is constantly expanding. Find the latest updates on the website.


Exhibition area is a place that will help you to discover the latest hardware and software products based on the blockchain technology used in banking, social services, infrastructure projects, computer security companies, automation service providers, IT companies, and others. Hardware department of the exhibition area will introduce the most efficient equipment for cryptocurrency mining, cryptocurrency storage devices, and other hardware manufacturers.

The exhibition area provides:

• interaction with product teams;
• lecture zone;
• networking.

Who will enjoy the event?

business representatives who want to implement blockchain into their business and develop their company in the future;
large institutional investors, as the cryptocurrency attracts more interest every day and brings higher profits;
developers, as the event will introduce a wide range of blockchain-based and financial crypto services;
blockchain start-ups, as it is possible to meet investors and cooperate with other start-up projects;
• FinTech professionals and technical advisors;
• development and marketing managers;
• industry enthusiasts and many others.

Why to visit Blockchain International Show London?

interaction: speakers will answer any question you would like to ask about the industry and exhibiting companies will tell you anything about the product, technology or service that you will use in your everyday life soon;
networking: you can meet your future partners, clients, investors, potential employees and employers, and a lot of like-minded people;
your product presentation and promotion: exhibition will give you the opportunity to introduce your innovative idea to the audience, get maximum feedback and let everyone know about you as of the industry leader;
new business opportunities: among the participants you will meet government representatives, service and platform providers, operators, investors, data scientists, business analysts, and venture capitalists with whom you can cooperate in the future.

Attend the largest European crypto event and open your future with blockchain - go to event!

For more information, please contact:
Yuliia Leschenko
BIS London

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