French Capital Will Host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference France – Large Blockchain Event with Top Experts

Kristina Storozhyk from Smile-Expo
01 Jun 2018

On July 18, top crypto experts from huge international corporations will gather in Paris at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference France – large-scale event dedicated to cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and ICO.

The meeting will include conference and demozone. Presentations from leading specialists and expositions of the innovative solutions from blockchain-based startups are waiting for the guests.

Blockchain in France: Big Changes

According to the French Minister of Economy, the country is planning to become the main leader in European fintech industry. The claim is supported by recent actions of government officials.

In March 2018, French market regulator AMF announced the project of a new law which makes ICOs a legal means of investing. One month later, Council of State suggested reducing cryptocurrency operations taxes from 45% to 19%. Capital growth from cryptocurrency has been proposed to be counted as equal to non-fixed assets.

Parliament already discusses the DLT. Large banks, including BNP Paribas, Societe Generale and RCI Bank, introduce blockchain transactions, while the Bank of France helps startups based on decentralized technology.

Recent changes show that the government is interested in the blockchain-based business and cryptocurrency market development. This is why French crypto community welcomes blockchain events with open arms.

Who Will Present and What Will Be Discussed?

Stefano Tempesta, Regional Director at Microsoft, will deliver a presentation “Blockchain for Enterprise.” He will discuss smart contracts and cybersecurity, and will share real-life cases of blockchain integration into business operations.

The Founder and CEO at Chaineum Laurent Leloup will introduce the topic “The new use cases of blockchain for industrials and governments.” The expert will talk about the current trends in blockchain use and its innovative opportunities.

Marc Durand, a Blockchain leader at IBM Cloud France, will give a presentation “Industrial blockchain projects with Hyperledger Fabric: Feedbacks and Perspectives.”


Apart from the conference, guests of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference France will have a chance to visit demozone where companies working in the blockchain industry will introduce their developments.

The event will include the networking time as well: companies will be able to find business partners, get business ties and sign profitable contracts.


The event will be held by the company Smile-Expo, which has organized the Blockchain World Events series in 25 countries.


The conference will take place in the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile hotel in the heart of Paris next to Arch of Triumph and Champs-Élysées. Address: 3, Place du Général Kœnig, Paris.

The detailed information about the event and registration are available on the official website Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference France.

For more information, please contact:
Kristina Storozhyk

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